Saturday, February 21, 2015

Baptism / Dividing the Area

Hey Mom!

So this week Elder K & I had our first baptism!

We forgot to bring the camera to send you the pics so... Next week!

We are also going to baptize next week!

So the answers to your questions! No, I never got the reindeer food, and No, I stillo haven't gotten my card :) But it may be in the office. 

Tommorow I'ma going to the HOUSE OF THE LORD!!!!! HOLINESS TO THE LORD!!!!!! (Please excuse the blasfemes)

And I think it would be SCHAWEET if Evan came to Brazil. (I think it would help him to see the mission).

We almost hit ALL of the key indicators of the mission this week (which is unheard of). We just needed one more at church and 2 more new and it was ours. 

I love you MOM!!!!!!!


so this afternoon transfers came in Elder K & I are DIVIDING THE AREA!!!!! We will both receive juniors tomorrow. So now it looks like my teaching goup is about to be cut in half. But oh well my friends.

So I think I have 2 packages at the office and I have no clue where my card is.

But I dont know. My mission is just becoming something so surreal for me. I can't believe I have only 4 more transfers. It's NUTS. I just don't know what to do besides WORK. I hope my new comp is obedient and hard working. I'm pretty stokedskies.

Well that's what's up. Love you guys


Elder Tagg