Saturday, December 20, 2014

These Streets are Sacred

Hey Daddy-O

I have been sharing that 'He is the Gift' video with a lot of my investigators lately. The Church has put a lot of resources into that baby. Every week I have to send a detailed report to Church Headquarters with a bunch of numbers and complicated data because of that video. Every day we have to do an additional 10 contacts using the little pass along cards about the video. It's sweet. The mission standard is 20 contacts per day.

But yeah that's sweet that you be doing your part with inviting non members to your family home evenings Dad! 

This week was OFF THE CHAIN. we had 8 investigators at church! YES! 

I'm doing great here in Baeta Neves. Having a lot of success. 

Oh yeah I needed to axe you a question. How is we gonna do this skype thing? becaz I forgot you guys's thingy. You know the username thing. I dont know how to do technology anymore otay? And my English is horrível so don't laugh at me when we talk on Christmas k?

Love you

Elder Tagg

Ay Maham!

How you doin? So I have a really crazy story to tell you and you are probably going to freak out.

Last night we got a call from Pres Broadbent. I was all like "whaaaaa???whayisbroadbentcallingmeatthishour?" and then I found out. I'm being transferred. 

So that was nice. So tommorow I'll be heading out to Piratininga to open a new area/train an American who is getting to Brazil now after waiting for more than a year for his visa. Yikes. Elder Bazante will be staying to train another American who is also arriving. I'm really gonna miss that kid. I'm gonna miss this area. This ward has been so nice to me. There is a road that cuts right down the middle of my area called "Rua Dos Vianas." It starts in the richest area of São Bernardo and ends in the poorest. I walk that road every ding dong day. that road has become sacred to me. These streets have become sacred to me. São Bernardo is sacred to me. I've been here almost a whole year in the same city. "A onde mandares irei" (I will go where you command)

Anyways we had a baptism yesterday. S guy named Antonio. I freaking love him and his family. the rest of his family was also going to be baptized. Too bad I'm gonna miss it.

By the way Evan has a cabeção. (that probably won't translate right on google it means a big head) And he is way bigger than Dad. Drew isn't far behind him.

Well that's all. 


Elder Tagg

By the way I love you.  Here is a photo of half of my mission.  There is a lot of power in that room.

Can you spot the assassin?
Don't worry, it's not loaded

Monday, December 8, 2014

Ear Infection/ Slow Down Mom

Hi Mom 

So sorry for not writing you last week.  There was this flyer that all missionaries had to fill out and it ate up all my time.

But anyways...

These past two weeks have been very unique and special for me. I wasn't transferred again and neither was Elder B. Looks like we are about to baptize the living daylights out of this povo! (people)

I got an ear infection starting Monday and I'm taking antibiotics. It was hurting and it was hard to sleep for a few days, but I still gave it my all and worked hard.  Now the pain has gone away so I'm good. I'm still on antibiotics. We have been teaching a lot and we were expecting another baptism yesterday, but it fell through because of a few problems so we decided to wait one more week with him. His name is Z. We are teaching the rest of his family also and his parents, but he is a lot more prepared. They'll come around. 

Yeah I opened all my Christmas packages....everything... oops.  I LOVED IT!

Other than that I'm doing great.

I got a package from the Morris family that also had stuff from Tina V. Tell them thanks for me kay? I don't have their email.

That's all for now!

Tchauzinho (bye-bye)

Elder Tagg

Hey Mom

That was a very depressing letter... 

It really breaks my heart to hear about how members treat each other some times. I have seen people go inactive because this and it is one of the saddest things that I can imagine. I know you will never let anybody turn you inactive, Mom, I'm just lamenting, you know. The Celestial kingdom will have all kinds of people. We need to learn now how to deal with them. 

My only advice would be to serve. serve serve serve serve serve serve sirva sirva sirva sirva sirva. Service is the action form of love, you know. I know that Sister X has her problems, and it's just like you said, we all do. She just has different problems than we do. I'm sure she is a nice lady who has probably been through a lot.

Anyways, Dad wrote me about all that you have been doing this Christmas season, as always:). Mom you are really wonderful. I never thanked you for all you do to make our Christmas season so wonderful. But you need to take it down a few notches. I don't want to come home to a footless Mom.  You know like, Mosiah 4:27, Mom.

My companion and I are doing great as a companionship. I have never taught so well before. The other day we were teaching this old blind guy named H who is a less active trying to come back to church. we got to his house and he was super down. Before we taught him we decided that we should sing for him. We sang "sol no coração" (Sunshine in the Heart) and then we left him a message in 2nd Nephi chapter 4. Anyways this week he came to church and bore his testimony about the church and how it made him so happy to be a member. I had never sang for somebody in a lesson before. He was really grateful.

Z is having some challenges. He learns somewhat slowly. So we had to act out the Plan of Salvation for him to get him to understand.  This next week we are going to baptize his step father, A. lets see if Z does anything after this.

Well that's all I have

Love Elder Tagg.

PS Say sorry to Dad for not writing him...

PPS Oh by the way, I am really happy for Mary! Tell her to write me an email!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Love I Left Behind

Hey Mom, 

Woah I am really sad to hear about uncle Randy, but at the same time, not so sad. It must be hard for Josh.  He left and his Dad was normal still. 

I'm glad to see Evan and his fattening face. He's a good kid.

So I got BOTH of the packages that you sent me. I must admit, some of the things that didn't have days on them I already opened... I couldn't help it please forgive me! I haven't opened anything that had a day on it. but I was worried that I might be transferred and I didn't want to lug my Christmas box around. 

Just one question though, what made you choose that box shape? I'm not criticizing, it just was a little painful to see how much you paid to send them. I'm flattered, but don't you think you might have saved muny if you sent them in a box that was a little more... I don't know, cubby? The larger the box the more you pay.  But das okay. 

I really loved it though, Mom. You outdid yourself on this one! It seems as though my boxes just keep getting bigger and bigger :). I opened the present that had all of the family photos inside and it broke my heart. I didn't get trunky (homesick),  but I was reminded of the love that I left behind for you guys. You are so great Mom.

This week was good. We have an ENOURMOUS teaching pool right now. We have so many investigators I can't even keep track of them all.  We have so many potentials that our planners can't even fit them all.  This is the first time in my mission that the biggest problem is not finding people to baptize, but choosing which people to baptize next. Yeah be ready for some pics in white here in a little bit!

Love Elder Tagg

Elder Mealy and Elder Tagg

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Whassap Mom!

Woah! that's crazy that you ran into Katie! Wow she looks way happy in that pic. That's going to be me some day. (Soon I hope)













Monday, November 3, 2014

The Best Pictures in the World


What up Dad?! Thank you for the email. I don't have time to write Mom but I have some of the BEST PICTURES IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Sorry guys, I wasted all my time trying to do this dumb thing that BYUI sent me. Oh, and btw I can't unblock my card in Brazil. Can you try? Tell me what info you need.

Elder Tagg


Wud up Mahm?!

So yeah, Imma doing great!

I have gotten pretty used to life here in Brazil. I really have learned to love the people. It is a very unique culture. I feel like I fit in well here.

I've been having some crazy success lately. The Lord has really been blessing us. I was looking at the mission averages today on the news letter that we receive, and I found out that every single one of my key indicators are way above the mission average. (crud that sounded really prideful - not my intention). 

We had interviews with President the other day and President and Sister Broadbent seem to be very happy with my work. That makes me really happy because it's not always that we see the fruits of our work.

Well that's all I have this week. 

Love ya!
Elder Tagg

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

This Week Was Sweet!

Dear Mom,

This week was sweet! We had higher numbers than ever before in this area. This next Sunday we have 3 solid baptisms confirmed. I'm super excited. My companion and I are doing great.

One of the people we will baptize is named L. He's Arabian. His family is from Lebanon. His wife is a member. He's been reading the Book of Mormon and he is really gaining a testimony.

Another person we plan to baptize is a girl named E. She is 18 years old, works at a coffee shop and is way cool. She has read like half of the Book of Mormon and has a way strong testimony. She had to give up a theater job to come to church. This was  way tough for her. She and her sister will be baptized together.

So.. what is the most important thing in my life, you ask? God. that is the answer. HE is the answer. he is the most important part of my life, and my most prized possession in my life is my testimony. and after that, my family, and after that, my family members.

Love Elder Tagg

Monday, October 13, 2014

Want More Emails


Yo yo yo yo yo yo so I'm trying to remember stuff that happened and stuff, but it's hard to remember with two languages taking up space in my head... OH yeah so trasnsfers came in and I'M STAYING!!! What else? What else? Yeah I'm on fire, I'm on fire. I'm just writin' what comes into my head... Lemme ask my comp what happened this week.

Oh yeah so we had p day da missão! (mission), and also we had nova força! (new force) and a bunch of other meetings.

We have got a TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON of baptisms coming up. With any luck we'll have about 6 this next transfer. It's gonna be the top of the CHAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We taught a lot this week. Found a lot. Called a lot of repentance. Ah, the life of a missionary. 

Oh but I do have one request.... Do you think you could get some of my old friends to start writing me? I don know, maybe Noa, Greg, Michael, friends from church also. I just want more emails.

das all!

Elder Tagg

Friday, October 10, 2014

Elections in Brazil / Imma Teach Lula!

Dashing Elder Tagg
Hey Mam!

To answer your question about my violin opportunities, a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to tune a violin for a guy at a music shop and I did a little pluckin' to see if I still had it. But it was a really crappy violin, so I'm not sure if I still have it. Violins are rare here in Brazil... One time a guy came to the doorstep with a viola and I got to tear it up on his doorstep a little. Another time when I was in the United States serving, there was this Asian guy who was a violin teacher who let me work my magic on his steel strings for a tick. In the MTC they had 2 violins of fairly good quality that I played on p day. Elder Merrick and I got to play together then. I think he's in Fortaleza right now. He and I were stand partners in college and we both got called to Brazil around the same time. Other than that, I ain't played a note.

Yesterday was elections day here in Brazil. There were millions... literaly millions and millions of papers on the streets. Ridiculous. I found out this week that the ex president of Brazil (his name is Lula) lives in my area! And that he accepts visits! Imma teach Lula. Elections here in Brazil happen every 2 years. and the offices which are up for debate rotate every 2 years. This year the offices that were voted upon were; President, Governor, Senator, Federal Deputy and State Deputy. So there were 5 elections. President is the only one that is a nation wide vote. The rest vary based on the state. And there are various Deputies that will win. The number of Deputies depends on the size of the state. I think that Sao Paulo has like 80 or something. So it's a lot more voting all at the same time. It is a lot more wild than voting in the USA.

There is one guy that won the spot for Federal Deputy 4 years ago and he was re-running this year named Tiririca. He won more votes than any other Deputy in the history of Brazil. He is ridiculous and has no political opinions at all. He dresses like a toddler in his commercials and people vote for him because he is hilarious. He promises nothing but at least he does what he promised! His campaign slogan is (translated) "Fed up with politics? Vote for Tiririca!" I think I would probably vote for him :)

Anyways I loved conference. This was already my third conference on the mission. Whu-oh. I don't know if you guys noticed it but there was big 'follow the prophet' theme. They were talking a lot about changes and modern revelation. I thought that president Monson was going to announce a big change. But then when he didn't I realized that our prophet is really starting to look old.. and he was even kind of mumbling when he spoke. His final testimony was also different, like he wanted to say or do something that he didn't... maybe I'm the only one who noticed these things, and maybe I'm crazy.. but when the choir started to sing the last song about loving the prophet and about how he would be in our hearts forever, I think I figured it out; I think our prophet is sick, maybe even dying. When my ex-mission president got up to say the final prayer (go Tanner!) my suspicions were confirmed.  He prayed to "prolong the life of the prophet." I don't think President Monson has many days left.  Maybe you should keep this on the down low... but if this next April Elder Packer is presiding, you remember who said it first! 

But anyways my investigators are doing great I'm expecting baptisms this month. Please pray for LEANDRO!

Love Elder Tagg

(another letter- same day)

Hey whadup Dad?!

I hope your lovin life! Because it's SHORT! So this was my third conference on the mission. Yeah. that means in six months, I have less than six months left on the mission. 
I have a scriptural question for you. Who is Ariel? Also, who is Raphael? if you can answer please do.

Oh yeah, here are some pictures that I forgot to send to Mom.

Love Nathan

Pensive Elder Tagg

Distracted Elder Tagg

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Unforgettable Week

So I will start my email this time by answering your questions instead of forgetting. So actually, I have had Dad's ties and the side bag (which I love so much. Thank you!) for almost 2 months now. 

Yeah... sorry about that one.

About my companion, he's legit. His training has been relatively easy. He reminds me a lot of Evan. They even have almost the same birthday just one year apart. (His is on the 7th) so they are both the same horoscope. I still haven't trained an American yet. I've only had 2 transfers on my whole mission where I haven't been training. and I have only passed through stakes. if that doesn't make sense please tell me.

This week was unforgettable for me. In good ways and bad ones. I ran into a total of 3 (3!!!!) of my four recent converts from my last area. Each one was a very emotional experience that was completely unexpected.

Elder Tagg taught this talented artist.  His name is Matheus

Pretty scary how accurate it is

A finished product of Elder Tagg

(so after seeing these photos posted by the artist on Facebook I commented to Elder Tagg that I was surprised at how nice the halls of the church building looked.  Here is what he said in response to that...)

Hmm. did you think that the churches here are like, made of clay and bamboo or something? whaeryathinkin?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

It's been a while since I sent you guys some pictures!
 (and the following photos just make me laugh... what sillies)

This one is my favorite.  why bother?

Hey Mom,

So life here in Baeta Neves is going well and we are having success. (Finally)
My companion is doing great and we get along really well. 

So I think I'll start this email off with a miracle and a half. Our mission has a goal of 410 baptisms in four months. And the goal of the first month was 75, and statistically it was looking like we wouldn't make it. But we did. We hit the goal on the head! 75 baptisms for September. BOOYEAH!

(Elder Tagg pushed send on accident here and for about 15 min I thought this was all I would get this week... then this arrived)

Woah Im not really sure why I sent that email in the middle of typing, it just seemed like an amazing finish so I pushed the send button. 

But this week we were super blessed! We have a ton of people lined up for baptism this month and they are all looking pretty firm! (which is good because its been a while since I've baptized) 

But I can't really think of anything to say right now... I'm stoked that Evan is going to the priesthood meeting. It looks like he's ficando firme! (getting firm)

But for my Christmas package, the only think I need is... I don't know

Love Elder Tagg

Monday, September 15, 2014

Two Letters


So transfer calls came in like 2 pm on P day and I'm staying, training and líder de distrito de novo. (leader of new district). Elder M. Pereira went to Santo André! And my first son on the mission, Élder V. Ferreira got transferred to Eldorado! My birthplace! (aka his first area in the mission). I found out that my recent convert there is now the ward mission leader! WooooooooooooooohooooooooooooOOOoooooo!!!!!!!!!asdfsdkfjlçqahwergipheqv

Alright. But anyways My new companion now is Élder Bazante! He's from Pernambuco! That's the same dang place as my first son (the first missionary he trained) on the mission! He's from Recife, so he's already used to big cities and stuff. He is going to be a great missionary. IMMA TRAIN HIM RIGHT!

So if you want to know about people that we are interacting with, heres one... our Bishop. he is like 33 years old. He's legit and does a lot for the work. So yesterday a kid asked me to baptize him because he was turning 8. His parents are not members, but his Grandmother is. So it was a ward baptism. We got in the water and then all of a sudden the Bishop had us wait for his Mom to arrive. So we waited. We were in the water for a good 7 minutes before his Mom got there. Then we baptized him. Luckily the water wasn't TOO cold.

But anyways after the baptism we had lunch in the Bishop's house.  It was a good day.

Love you guys!
Elder Tagg


So I don't know what video you guys are talking about seeing as I made around 36841485682842564963253524861458145 of those thangs. 

This week has been good. We had 18 new investigators. (That is a lot) which means now we have a total of 30 investigators!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I'm a little loopy right now. 

Ok time to be serious n stuff.

The other day we were waiting at the cemetery for the Sisters to arrive so that we could go to lunch because I didnt know the way. Then this craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy guy came out of nowhere dressed in all white. He stopped in front of me and looked at me for a minute. Then he asked for a card. I gave him my last pass along card that I had at the moment. It was a picture of Jesus coming out of the tomb. He looked at it for a while and then mumbled a few things that were difficult to understand and put the card back in my shirt pocket, and said, "Jesus Christo não ajuda" (Jesus Christ doesn't help). He was clearly wasted. He started to stumble away and I called after him "sabe que não ajuda? aqueles bebidas que está tomando" (that alcahol doesn't help). He turned around "JUDAS???" "JUDAS MATOU CHRISTO" (Jusas killed Christ) He cleary was out of his mind. Then he started bouncing around. Then the Sisters arrived.

So that's all for this week, I have to go.

Love Elder Tagg

Monday, September 1, 2014

Baptism Goal

Hey Mom 

So today is the last day of the transfer and we still haven't gotten our transfers. Blarg!

But this week was amazing! It started off with a DAY LONG mission wide conference with Prez. A lot of changes were made and a goal of 410 baptisms for October November and December was made. We can do it I know! that is a lot though... The mission has never baptized that much before. that's like how much we get in a year.
then I had a division with the LZs I went to their area with Elder Mealy who is LEGIT! He was in zona rude ramos with me when I was there. He was Elder Witham's comp in the MTC! and T.Olivera went with with M.Pereira. He was also one of Witham's comps. Weird.

But my comp is doing MUCH better. He has improved a TON with me. My second son in the wilderness. 


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Totally Crackalakin

Yo Mohm

So dis week was like totaly crackalakin!

Anyways. so yes I did read your whole email. As to question about if the Kirbys can come down with you when you come to get me, yes. The answer is yes. It will never be no. I have no clue if there is a rule against them coming. But fer real I don't think there should be a problem with them coming down if you guys are already coming. As for your question about when, that is a little more complicated. So the thing is that I am not planning on extending a whole transfer, just a few weeks... it all depends on when R gets sealed. 

So In my head this is how it's all going to happen... my last transfer happens, I will be put in a trio or hang around with the secretaries for a few weeks, then I go to the temple with President or whatever companion I'm with at the time and I meet up with R for his sealing. Then you guys meet me in the celestial room with R. then President vai me desobrigar (releases me?) and we can do some visits and stuff and then we go to the airport and then you guys take me home. 

So the soonest that this could possibly happen would be the 13th of July because that would be one year after R's baptism. So if I were you guys I would just put that as the date of travel if it ends up being another week or so that would just be you guys's time to do some touring. But we won't know until we start getting close to that time. 

But yeah I have a meeting with President tomorrow so I will be sure to talk to him about all this jazz.

Elder Tagg

PS (when I caught him online I asked him to tell me about his week, this was his response..) Oh yeah sorry Mom.

So this week has been great we worked hard (well at least I did...) and we got work done. and I got an amazing jacket from a member! It's from the world cup of 2010! And its authentic! Team brazil used them in all their entrances!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Your Firstborn in the Wilderness

Dear Mom

So this week was rather normal. I renewed my covenants, walked a lot, ate rice and beans. Stuff like that. This area really has a lot of untapped potential.

So I think it's time I explained my area a little bit better... So my area has the shape like unto a giant hourglass - which makes it RETARDED to navigate. Many precious hours are lost walking from one side to another. On one side is this gianormagous favela called Esperança - witch is so big its actually several favelas put in one. There's plenty of hills and gangs and drugs so that's dandy. We have a lot of investigators that do not progress there. The other side of our area has a ton of buildings and suburban areas, and the capela. we are trying to get out of Esperança and into this area. It's a tough transition and our success has been slow, but once it opens up right it'll be gravy.

But that's were we are at right now. Pretty dang exciting.

Love vocês! (you guys)
Élder Tagg

Artwork by a convert.  He hasn't given it to Elder Tagg yet

Monday, August 11, 2014

Free Masons

Queridissima mom,

So yeah I did talk to My Mission President about all that jazz (side note: us coming to pick him up at the end of his mission). He said that you guys would be able to come and get me here. We will work out the details later but for now I would start working on the visa stuff if I was you.

Oh and yeah I freaking baptized M! (someone who befriended me on Facebook) He's my future missionary!

But anyways this week was good. We were thrown in to a bunch of tight situations this week. One drunk guy stopped us on the road today and started saying all this random stuff. He started trying to tell us that we were worthless blah blah blah so  we stood there and listed to him make a fool of himself for a good 10 minutes, it was a good laugh.

Drunk people are crazy.

We had a moment of pride on Sunday when we got to church, there was a small group of Sumos and the Bishop standing in the doorway discussing the situation of one of the inactives in the ward named E. they were saying things like "we need to send the Elders to his house"  "We need him active in the ward again." Then I showed up with him and his equaly inactive wife, right in front of the Bishop and Sumos. (oh by the way Sumo means High Preist.) and the Ward Mission Leader. BOOYAH!  They were all like "hmm yes... the Elders are working very well..." "Yes I see them doing contacts in the favela" "Fine work ma' boys!" 

So yeah I had to really struggle to not let that one go to my head. 

But anyways today I'm going to have lunch with this guy in our ward who SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPER smart he knows SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPER deep doctrine and has already taught me a ton. He's a free mason, but he's inactive in the Free Masons. On the mission I have developed an increasingly large interest in free masonry. Did you know Joseph Smith was a mason? so was Brigham Young!

Maybe one day I will be one ... who knows?  You have to be invited.

Elder Tagg

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Elder Tagg's Face

Today on Facebook a young artist named Matheus befriended me and sent me this portrait of my missionary son.  I am overwhelmed!  So wonderful to see that face.  So choice for this young man to share his talent with me.  Anyone can snap a photo.  This means so much more.  THANK YOU!!
Elder Tagg portrait by Matheus Misquita

Monday, August 4, 2014

Family Letters back and forth

Dear Nathan,
I hope you are having a great time on your mission.  I have been having a lot of fun lately.  
We went to the beach and I got a T shirt and some toys. Audrey and I are planning to 
have our own rooms when Evan leaves for college.  I can't wait!  I will have the bigger room.  

Summer is almost over.  We are going on another vacation in 2 weeks.  We will go to Utah.  
We are going to see a play called Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat.  
I can't wait.  It's gonna be a lot of fun. 

So what have you been up to?  I miss you.  

Love E

PS we just had a party to celebrate Evan getting his eagle.  My favorite part was the food.  We had bacon!  


Wow you guys are going on a lot of vacations! Luckies! 

I like bacon too. (But im getting too fat for bacon)

Love ya
Elder Tagg

Helloooooooo Nathan TROY Tagg the 2nd

What is UP?  Do you like your new companion?  I said that last time but you 
didn't answer so I'm asking again.  

My favorite game on Mom's iPod is Plants vs Zombies. It's pretty dang exciting.  
Basically you plant the plants and the zombies are trying to eat the plants and 
take over the board.  You are trying to prevent that.  

I like pizza.  We got new grill with a pizza stone and it makes pretty dang good
pizza.  Drew wants us to make ribs.  What kind of food are you eating in Brazil

Love ya miss ya 


PS write me back again.  I loved that


Yeah I know that game! I used to play it too. I actually beat it!  It is a lot of fun.
Here in brazil I eat a lot of rice and beans and avocados and mangos and bananas.
(Did you know that there are like 8 different kinds of bananas? I thought they were all
just bananas).  The milk here is gross. So I always buy this stuff called toddy, or nescau,
which is chocolate powder to put in milk. 

Pizza here is waaaay different. I also like coxinhas, bolinhas de queijo.
(translation: drumsticks, cheese balls) stuff like that.
And my comp is awesome!
Love you!
Elder Tagg

Dear Nathan
Hi brother.  How's things?  I played Millionaire's Hoedown for the court of honor.  
I pretty much knocked it out of the park.  How are you doing on your mission?
How is your area?  Stuff like that.

I miss you.

Love, D

Hey D,
Things is good.
If you aren't better than me at the violin by the time that I get back, you better be ready
fer a spankin! I am doing good on mission.
My area has a lot of hills.
The other day I was looking through the hymn book in portuguese and there is a song
in there called "santo! santo! santo!" (see if you can translate that) (means Holy Holy Holy)
It remindered me of you.

Te love!
Elder Tagg!

Hi Nathan 
How is my missionary son doing this week?  I hope you are getting along okay and working 
hard to make those miracles happen.  Sorry to hear about your companion having difficulty.  
I think it's a real compliment when a mission president gives you a struggling companion.  
He has placed you in a position to help.  I know you can do it- hang in there Elder.  It sounds 
like you are coming up with ways to make missionary work less hard for him.  Use your creative 
mind for good.  Be obedient and all will turn out for the best.  Obedience+ Faith= Power.  
A little something I picked up at a wedding ceremony once by a Mr Ralph Bradley.  
(it was actually my wedding).  

SO things here have been crazy busy with Evan's court of honor on Saturday morning.  
We had the gym all decorated and set up the night before with tables chairs and a few centerpieces 
but as I left I just thought it could be better with more interesting decorations. I couldn't really 
purchase anything fancy at that point and I was tearing the house apart all day looking for those 
blasted stuffed eagle toys I bought for your court of honor with no luck.  So I had a stroke of genius 
and decided to make camping be my theme.  I brought a boat load of stuff like sleeping bags, 
air mattress, lanterns, hiking boots, mess kits, MREs, rain poncho, compass, on and on.  I pretty 
much went crazy with camping decor.  It turned out pretty nice if I do say so myself.  Drew played 
so well on his violin.  The slide show was awesome (but too long).  The food was bagels from 
Einstiens.  It was a lot of work but also a lot of fun.

We had a non member neighbor there with some sweet missionary contact in line for the food.  
Brother L swooped in on her pretty good too.  So that was nice.

My brother Eric started chemotherapy this week.  It turned out that his deeper tissue samples 
all came up positive for osteosarcoma.  Not good.  They offered to give him just comfort care but 
he's not ready to give up without a fight.  They are turning over every stone to look for treatment 
options.  He blogged about having faith the size of a mustard seed.  

We all fasted for Eric today- it was a pleasure.  Fasting for me is so much easier when I have 
a good cause.  

Well I hope you are not too bummed about this news.  All will be well.  I believe this.  

I love Nathan.  He's awesome.  Keep up the good work. The church is true.  I know it with 
all my heart.  I bore my testimony today.  The spirit was strong.  Fight the good fight and win Elder.

Love you the most


Hi Mahm!

So my comp is staying! And he's doing a lot better! I have to encourage him every day. One thing Sister Broadbent said to me was that sometimes your goals are different with some companions... like sometimes your goal isn't to get your companion up at 6:30 but to get him up in the first place. That really hit me, she told me a few stories about her daughters who served. It made me understand a lot about how to love my companion. 

But anyways I baptized this dude! (ok I know it wasnt me who baptized him I had almost nothing to do with it.  It was the Lord who did all the work. I am just a tool in the hands of the Lord. The glory is not mine but that of Christ I know I know I know. I just said it was me who baptized him to avoid having to explain all this, but then I felt bad so I ended up just typing this all out anyways and it was a huge waste of time)

The Lord did all the work

Dear Elder Tagg,

I hope you had a great week.  This week has been tough on several fronts.  We found out that uncle Eric's tumor is back.  It has gone behind his eye and into his brain.  It is inoperable and he's already had the maximum amount of radiation.  Things to do not look good.  He is going to start chemotherapy yet again to try to fight the tumor.  

Mom has been especially sad and teary.  We held a special fast for him today.  I feel that our Father in Heaven knows us personally and hears our prayers.  They are not always answered as we would like to have them answered but they are heard and will be answered by a kind an loving Father in Heaven for our eternal welfare.  

Evan's eagle court of honor was held on Saturday morning.  There was a good turn out.  We had Einstein bagels and Panera pastries.  I presented him with the eagle award just as I had done for you.  Do you remember the Eagle Neckerchief I presented you?  Well since you left it, we decided to make it a tradition that father would hand it down to son.  I presented it to Evan and will present it to Drew too hopefully.  Mom made a fantastic slide show for Evan and I really felt the spirit watching it.  He leaves in 9 days for Utah State.  I don't think he really knows what he's getting himself into but I hope he figures it out quick.  I will really miss him.  

Drew and I went home teaching today.  He gave the lesson.  He taught about reaping what we sow.  There was a great story by Elder Uchdorf about a seed seller who received a call from a customer that the seeds were not growing properly (this is only part of the story).  The customer was upset because the seeds were growing zucchini instead of pumpkins.  The clerk checked in the records and found that the customer had been sold zucchini seeds and not pumpkin seeds.  The customer replied something like "yes but I planted them in the pumpkin patch".  You can't grow pumpkins from zucchini seeds no matter how you cut it.  What a great lesson.  We reap what we sow.  

Continue to sow seeds of hard work, faith, obedience, and testimony Nathan.  Let your mind be single to the work.  

I love you dearly.  I pray for you every day.



Hey Dad, its your son

Sadly I am running out of time because I took some time to write the rest of the fam today. But I am truly upset to hear about Eric. But I konw it will be alright. He's a fighter.

Elder Tagg

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Not The Missionary I Was 6 Month Ago

Hey Mahm!

So I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosososo happpy that Evan got his eagle! Yeah the guys who do the interviews are butts. I got boy scout Hitler as an interviewer.

Yeah so now I'm in Ala Baeta Nevis! it's still Sao Bernardo but it's in a different zone. But yeah, this area is enormous and has 


This ward has a lot of potential, but the area is really unorganized. There is a giant slum on one end of our area that is impossible to work in because nobody has a car and nobody can come to church, and its filled to the brim with inactive members. So basically it's just like my first area in Brazil: Eldorado. (remember Eldorado? nick named outer darkness...). So we are trying to find people to work with on the other side of our area... but the problem is that everybody we find on the richer side lives in the giant slum. So yeah, it's a little bit of a challenge. But I'm not the missionary I was 6 months ago. This transfer we will have miracles! I'm planning on working a LOT with the members. We split the area with Sisters, but there is no division line well established. My new companion is M.P. He's a dude from Rio de Janeiro (they call guys from Rio Careokas, it doesn't make sense. they just do).  He's a really cool guy, but he struggles a lot with a lot of things. He's really smart and teaches really well. I am finishing his training right now as LD. But yeah he is having a really hard time right now, but I'm really doing every thing I can to motivate him and to encourage him to work. We've been doing contact challenges, where one challenges the other to do something crazy in his next contact. It's been a lot of fun. Some of the challenges are a little strong though. A gente brinca. (translation: we play)

So right now I give my area the following ratings;

members: 9.5
investigators: 5.01
companion: 1-10
organization: 0
Swank :11.6

Love, Elder Tagg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. I dont have any photos of my mug (I had asked him to show me his mug in a photo in my last letter) to give you right now, but here is my face pressed on the keybord:


 its not the same, I know... but it's close. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

God is Real. I can feel it

Hey Mahm!

So I got erythang that you sent except the messenger bag and the third pants and ties :) Everyone in the zone was soooo jealous because I got 3 packages and 1 letter at interviews with the president. Don't worry, I shared with erybody. I told them to thank you so you might be getting a few random emails in Portuguese... just so that you know why. (Btw thanks).

This week was a blast! We had a few crazy experiences. One guy said that he thought that God was a group of alien intelligences and then he started to give us his schpill of how he thought that the ten commandments were written with a laser and how Elias was captured by aliens and just all this crazy junk. 

We also got rejected a bunch this week. I think the Brazilians are a little annoyed about the world cup. Well at least Argentina didn't win. 

Well R was confirmed. Then he got the Aaronic priesthood, then he gave it to his son. All in under 30 minutes. Yeah there were a lot of hands on a lot of heads yesterday.

We got transfer calls this morning and it turns out that I'm leaving, staying LD. I'm kindof bummed out... The last time I was transferred I cried like a baby. There still haven't been any tears yet, but I know that they will come. Dangit. This is the worst part of the mission. Always. I don't have anytime to say goodbye or anything. I don't know who my next companion will be.

The mission is a good representation of the plan of salvation. First of all, it's a choice. You come out and you learn things here that are impossible to learn elsewhere. You can't compare one person's mission to another person's. It's impossible. Your mission is unique. You learn how to LOVE, how to be away from home for a while. Then you go back, and before you know it you have the rest of your time in front of you. One day we all will go back home to our Heavenly Father. We learn things in this life that we could not learn at home. I know that God is real. I can feel it.

I love you!

Elder Tagg

Hey Dad,

So I got transferred.

I have been thinking a lot about how fast this year has gone by. If the second year goes by so much faster, I don't know how i'm going to catch it all. I have been pondering a lot; What will I do this next year? What will I change... what will I learn?  It's a lot to think about. I am kind of bummed about having to leave Planalto. I have spent most of my mission here. But I knew it for a while now... My work here is done. I feel the Lord is pleased with my work. I'm on to bigger and better things!

Elder Tagg