Friday, October 10, 2014

Elections in Brazil / Imma Teach Lula!

Dashing Elder Tagg
Hey Mam!

To answer your question about my violin opportunities, a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to tune a violin for a guy at a music shop and I did a little pluckin' to see if I still had it. But it was a really crappy violin, so I'm not sure if I still have it. Violins are rare here in Brazil... One time a guy came to the doorstep with a viola and I got to tear it up on his doorstep a little. Another time when I was in the United States serving, there was this Asian guy who was a violin teacher who let me work my magic on his steel strings for a tick. In the MTC they had 2 violins of fairly good quality that I played on p day. Elder Merrick and I got to play together then. I think he's in Fortaleza right now. He and I were stand partners in college and we both got called to Brazil around the same time. Other than that, I ain't played a note.

Yesterday was elections day here in Brazil. There were millions... literaly millions and millions of papers on the streets. Ridiculous. I found out this week that the ex president of Brazil (his name is Lula) lives in my area! And that he accepts visits! Imma teach Lula. Elections here in Brazil happen every 2 years. and the offices which are up for debate rotate every 2 years. This year the offices that were voted upon were; President, Governor, Senator, Federal Deputy and State Deputy. So there were 5 elections. President is the only one that is a nation wide vote. The rest vary based on the state. And there are various Deputies that will win. The number of Deputies depends on the size of the state. I think that Sao Paulo has like 80 or something. So it's a lot more voting all at the same time. It is a lot more wild than voting in the USA.

There is one guy that won the spot for Federal Deputy 4 years ago and he was re-running this year named Tiririca. He won more votes than any other Deputy in the history of Brazil. He is ridiculous and has no political opinions at all. He dresses like a toddler in his commercials and people vote for him because he is hilarious. He promises nothing but at least he does what he promised! His campaign slogan is (translated) "Fed up with politics? Vote for Tiririca!" I think I would probably vote for him :)

Anyways I loved conference. This was already my third conference on the mission. Whu-oh. I don't know if you guys noticed it but there was big 'follow the prophet' theme. They were talking a lot about changes and modern revelation. I thought that president Monson was going to announce a big change. But then when he didn't I realized that our prophet is really starting to look old.. and he was even kind of mumbling when he spoke. His final testimony was also different, like he wanted to say or do something that he didn't... maybe I'm the only one who noticed these things, and maybe I'm crazy.. but when the choir started to sing the last song about loving the prophet and about how he would be in our hearts forever, I think I figured it out; I think our prophet is sick, maybe even dying. When my ex-mission president got up to say the final prayer (go Tanner!) my suspicions were confirmed.  He prayed to "prolong the life of the prophet." I don't think President Monson has many days left.  Maybe you should keep this on the down low... but if this next April Elder Packer is presiding, you remember who said it first! 

But anyways my investigators are doing great I'm expecting baptisms this month. Please pray for LEANDRO!

Love Elder Tagg

(another letter- same day)

Hey whadup Dad?!

I hope your lovin life! Because it's SHORT! So this was my third conference on the mission. Yeah. that means in six months, I have less than six months left on the mission. 
I have a scriptural question for you. Who is Ariel? Also, who is Raphael? if you can answer please do.

Oh yeah, here are some pictures that I forgot to send to Mom.

Love Nathan

Pensive Elder Tagg

Distracted Elder Tagg

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