Monday, September 23, 2013

Turn Around

Hi Mom,

So this week we saw a big turn around as far as success goes. I had my first baptism.  In the photo (left to right, Me, Elder M, K her fellowship-er, H the person getting baptized,Elder M, Elder R, And Elder D.  He is the missionary who referred her to us he goes home in 13 days... (I'm the tallest person in this photo by the way). Also, I personally put another investigator of ours on date for baptism on the 13th of October. I thinks she is going to ask me to baptize her, but I don't know. Also, literally 2 hours after this photo was taken, we found another investigator. So things are good. I'm having a lot of success and I'm also really starting to bulk up. My waist size has gone down and I'm on the 2nd to last hole on my belt now...but yeah that's my life right now.

Elder Tagg

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Numbers Low

Dear Family,
I miss you guys and I love you guys, and yes I was serious about not liking the nickname Elderson. It is seriously stupid.

I have been having a rough week as far as numbers go. We had to drop James and Hailey is becoming shakey as well.  We had to move back her baptism. However we have a dinner tonight with Caityn and she's solid but we haven't found anybody new lately.  People here are so hard hearted. 

But I'm still happy. I really appreciate Audrey's and Eliza's letters.

I love you, 



Monday, September 9, 2013

Weight Update

Hi Family, 
I'm still in Washington. I don't really have much to talk about. There are just a bunch of crazies out here. Seriously, I ran into a guy who claimed to be a prophet and to know all things, and to understand all things... Except the book of revalation. He didn't like that book. 

Why are you taking a parenting class? Aren't you pretty much done with your parenting? That's weird.  Dad- why are you asking all them questions? My trainers are Elder Moncur and Elder Rencher. Elder Merrit is still a greeny, he is only a transfer ahead of me. I am keeping my Portuguese up. I have two people scheduled for baptism this month. I'm fine financially. Why do you ask?  I'm doing a workout called insanity every morning, and I'm drinking protien shakes. I'm definitely stronger than when we last met. When I got to the MTC I weighed like 180, and then I started dieting and lost five pounds. So when I left the MTC I weighed 175. I wouldn't be surprised if I weighed like 185-190 right now though. Gettin' yoked. Whatevs. Wow Drew's fast now. But I'm strong. I can't wait to whip Dad when I get back. It'll be so easy!

Elder Tagg

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

1st Week in the Field

Hi Family, 

I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm doing great here in Washington. I'm In a four pack with elders Moncur, Rencher, & Merrit. Elder Merrit is a visa waiter too going to Sao Paulo Brazil. We have a lot of good investigators right now.  The people are way wack, but if things go right, we could get six baptisms this month! The standard is 1.  Mission life is fine. I gotta go now.  Anyways, here is a picture of me at the airport (back left).

Elder Tagg

Sis Green and I at the MTC

To Evan: YAY I loved AP Phychology. Yes I have had a lot of good investigators. They are way crazy though. Yesterday this guy kept talking to us for like fifteen minutes without us even saying anything. Washingtonians are really interesting.

To Drew: O my gospel Drew. Dr who is way wack. you are such a time lord. but anyways, on my pdays, I like to do stuff. 

To Audrey: Yay Audrey! You da best. Making crafts and stuff? That's way cool. just don't let all that power consume you..... thas bad. Love ya

To Eliza: I miss you too! stay in school!