Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thank you for Sharing your Son

Dear family of Elder Tagg,

Two days ago we were so excited to finally meet Elder Tagg.  We have been anxiously anticipating his arrival for some time now.  We loved him immediately and know that he will be a wonderful missionary.

I am sending a photo of him with us and with his wonderful companion, Elder J. Sousa.  I will also send hard copies of these in the mail, but that can sometimes take several weeks to arrive.

Thank you for sharing your son in this great work of sharing the Gospel.

President and Sister Tanner

Monday, November 18, 2013

I Know What I am

Hey Mom,
Thanks for the flight info... WHAT THE FETCH?!?! Eliza is loosing her baby fat! She looks so different! But anyways yeah, here is my pants inventory; I have one pair that I fixed and they will be fine... I have another pair that I'm wearing right now and they'll be fine, and I have one pair that still has a rip but I don't think I'll fix them because they were very restricting to start with. They are just not tailored very well. Then I also have my 2 pairs of suit pants which I really only wear with my suit. I also have 2 Haggar brand pants which say they are my size but they are LYING. They are like Goliath pants. if you are going to send me pants go for black... because I only have black shoes and other colored pants are only really cool if you can color combo it with your belt and shoes. I would very much appreciate it if you could send pants.  Don't go for the "loose" look. Try for a more tailored style. I already have some rather baggy pants. As far as sizing goes, if it fits Dad, it fits me. I have also grown about a half an inch in the field but Dad and I are essentially the same. 

On second thought, I will go pants shopping today with the money on the USAA card.  I do not trust the internets. I think I'm going to leave those Haggars behind because they are useless to me. I won't be gaining weight while in Brasil, so don't I worry about compensating for potential waist line increases. I'm on the smallest loop on my belt right now because of the Insanity workout I've been doing.

But anyways, I'm still in Washington. I'm with Elder J on an exchange right now because his companion is going home due to some issues. We get transfer calls today and so things are switched up a lot. I respect Elder J more than I respect almost anybody. Both his parents are dead, and he weighs about 280 pounds. He's shorter than I am, he knows he's overweight. He had to loose 60 pounds to serve his mission. He is such a stud I love the guy. He's our DL. 
This is our district... The older guy next to me is standing on some books. 
He's not actually tall at all.  The other guy next to me is Elder S.
Talk to you on Monday!
Elder Tagg

Hey Dad,
Yeah so I have to answer your question about iPads. The fact of the matter is that missionaries are coming to the field more and more prepared, and matured for missionary service. The Lord knows his children and he trusts his missionaries with this resource. What elder Zwick may have said about iPads is probably either misinformed or has been received wrong. So, the church is not even sure if they are going to do the whole iPads thing. They have selected a few "test" missions to try it out on. I know that there are a few in California. But anyways it will only be missions within the USA and other first world countries. Brazil wont get it yet.
The details of this are that each missionary will receive their own iPad, and it will replace their area book, daily planner, etc. It will also enable electronic proselyting, which is truly a HUGE step and a big innovation for the church. It is true that there is the opportunity provided for being lazy and slothful servants.  The fact of the matter is that was there already and really this changes nothing but provides another opportunity for disobedience. That being said, my understanding of this is that the iPads will be running a slightly modified OS, (nothing against warranty, it will still BE an iPad) that will not allow free search of the web, and will be restricted on other ways as well.
All in all I agree that it is a big step and that some will use it for disobedience, but all I have to say about that is that the Lord is separating His wheat from His tares, and I already know what I am.
Elder Tagg

Can you spy Elder Tagg? He's hiding in the branches!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Elder Manly

Wow Dad those are some very impactfull quotes. I especially like the third one about "future spouses" yeah we have a joke where if you drop a b.o.m. your future wife gains X amount of pounds. I dropped my quad once and my comp was like "Awww dude that's like 5000 pounds man... You just dropped all 4 standard works..."

Haha ok Mom, that really made no sense. Anyways HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!  I know I couldn't email you yesterday, so I figured you would be furious with me. I fixed my own pants this week! For whatever reason the crotches in TWO of my pants BURST (just call me manly). I think it's because my thigh muscles are getting bigger. And no, I don't need bigger pants, I'm just getting shredded beyond comparison and there's nothing you guys can do to stop me MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!
Anyways, I ripped my pants and then I fiked it. :) I also ate a raw potato. yeah I found out later that raw potatoes are actually slightly poisonous, so yay. It was gross, but it was funny we got in on video (I can't send you videos though).

so there is a good chance that I will be flying out to Brasil soon (Sunday or Monday) and I have no clue how much money I have on either of my cards. (alls I know is that Ihad about 600-700 on my panda one when I left and I have been spending about 20 bucks a week with it. I spent 60 bucks at the beginning of the mish for luggage). So really I have no clue. The church recommends that we have about 200-300 dollars for emergencies, and at least that much when flying. Ido not know how much I have on the Benjamin card so could you please inform me? Also, if you could make sure that I have enough I would appreciate it. :) More money, more problems.

Oh yeah, I thought I told you to stop calling me Elder-son. 

I was serious.

Elder Tagg

Monday, November 4, 2013

Scatting Elder Tagg

Dear Mom,
So last night we got a call saying that Elder M was getting E.T.'d (early transfer) and so he left this morning and we got Elder S. the reason was because another Elder was going home and Elder M was called to take his place.

Elder S is another visa waiter. He's like the polar opposite of Elder M. We gonna whip him into shape. I'm a transfer older than him.

We have been seeing a drop in numbers this week but an increase in results, which is awesome.

So I don't know how much longer I'm going to be here, but I really don't care.  I'll accept what the Lord chooses to do with me.

Elder Tagg.

Hey Dad, 
So I think its really cool that Evan is visiting campuses. That wasn't too long ago for me... yeah there really isn't much to do in Rexburg but hang out with people and do whatever is going on that night up at the campus. Most people who I knew who would show you guys around are on missions..  There is one guy I can think of named J. I think that's how you spell his last name but he might not be on track right now.


(From Youngest Brother) 
Hey Nathan,
how is it going? I bet you were excited  when you heard about your visa.  I heard C got his too.  Any way I've been practicing my skat; Zoowapp da kap daddy skidilybeebopdaboop.  Do you like it?

See ya later,

(Nathan's Response)
Bro, I SPEAK skat.

*ahem* skittlybeebob durangdurangdurangdurangdurang dowow. dobop? tingitytong-ting-togg.