Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I Was Called to Serve

So today I woke up and I realized that this is my 9th to last P-day on the mission. RUH-ROH! 9 times seven days a week is still 63 days. So i've still got a lot of time left.

I was called to serve two years. That really means a lot to me. At the end of my two years I want to be able to feel like I have fulfilled my calling. That I have done what the Lord expected of me.

Anyways. I'm doing well down here. our baptism fell through again. But next week we will baptize this dude named R! He's so ready!

Oh so by the way um we have to start thinking about BYUI neh? So I was talking to Elder M and this is the email of his Mom for you to contact her.

We want to room together mkay? We were thinking about living on campus. Elder M is mexican and he wants a kitchen. So we were thinking about living at the Rcks apartments. Also if N wants to room with me I would be alright with that.. But if not that's also okay. Elder M has a friend named L who he aslo wants to room with.

I don't know what I want to do with my future. All I know is that I will be really really rico.

I love you guys! 

Elder Tagg

Yes I did read your letter. it was a gud letter. What tribe is Evan from? is it Benjamin? there are two missionaries that I know here in the mission that are from Benjamin... I also know a bunch from Manasseh and one from Levi! he must needs be a Bishop one day since he has the Levitical priesthood! (you may need to ask dad about dat one also :P).  Just pulling your chain Maham I know you are well learned in the arts.

but now I really gotta go! love you bye!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Smokes! When is Dad going to be the Bishop? D'OH!

I'm sure Bishop H is going to rock the house up there. The ward is really going to have to support him though... The ward has to always support the Bishop. I've seen too many cases where the ward did not support the Bishop. Secret combinations. Is P. Lawyer still stake prez? Who is the mission prez? Who are the missionaries? Are they goods? Bads? Funnies?

Our baptisms fell through this week AGAIN! WHAT THE WHAT!!???!?!

I have been having the time of my life down here in this new area. Puggina and I are working hard with vision. I was a little under the weather this week with a cough do Diabo (the Devil). But I am getting better. 

I renewed my temple recommend this week and I was surprised to see how much I had changed since the last time I answered those questions. The spirit was much stronger.

We did a ton of exchanges this week to got all the interviews done. 

Imma cut my hair hoje (today).

I know that this church is true. One day it will be the Church of the Firstborn. Ask Dad about that deep doctrine. (?!) By the way we are totally getting into profound doctrinal conversations.

tchau tchau (bye bye)



I think this is Elder Tagg's new zone

Saturday, May 9, 2015


Hey Maham!

So this week L was baptized!  It was the greatest! This ala (wing?) is really growing.

But anywais. I told the Dudes at the office that my airport was the DC airport. But I also gave them your number so I think the mission will be calling you here in a bitzinho. (that means a little bit in Portunglish.) So you can come down here to come and get me.

My recent convert has his birthday on the 1st of August and I want to be there for him. (but just be forewarned he lives in the deep favela aka slum).  Also the last transfer day is the 28th of July I beleive.

Wow but this week was truly tiring. My area is strong, and everything is going well, but I just want to sleep. Haha. I love the mission!

Love you!



Aye Mom!


So you need not worry about my health. 'M fine!

This week was great! If we had baptized this week we would have hit every single key indicator. (that is really impressive by the way.) We would have baptized someone this week, but our investigator ran away because he got scared. (He hears voices). But he'll be baptized next week. 

The other day at the temple I bought a one peice garment. Sometimes I wear it around the house. I think the other three missionaries that live with me find me odd. They will understand what it's like when they have 21 months on the mission.

I wanted to also let you know that I know by the power of the Holy Spirit that this the only true Gospel and that Jesus Christ leads our prophet Thomas S Monson.

But I gots to Go!

Love you!
Elder Tagg!

Happy anniversary Daddy-O!

So those past couple of photos that I sent to y'all I was feeling a little gross but it was all good. M' better. I'm eating well, I excercize sempre (always). I feel well, but obviously I wish I could sleep more that would be nice. Do you really want me to get that blood work? It is kindof a hastle for me...

But I'm happy. My baptism fell through though... The guy is a little nuts. (accountable, but nuts) and he ran.  It sucked. But he'll be baptized next week. Next week will be a pentacost for us. We gonna baptize five! Pray for us.

Love you Dad and looking forward to kicking your buttox.

Elder Tagg


Hi Elder Tagg.
I'm sure by now you've surmised that E is going to GUATEMALA!!!!!
Holy Cow I never would have guessed that in a million years but now that the assignment has been made, it feels just right.  

I was really hoping that he'd be called somewhere that would allow him to experience something completely different that he's had thus far in his life- much like what Brazil has been for you.  He told me that on his Missionary application, he put that he'd like to be called to a place with poverty . . . I think that request was answered.  

He's going the the Guatemala Retalhuleu Mission and he reports to the Guatemala MTC on August 19th.  I get teary and emotional just thinking about it.  You and he will have a few weeks to spend together before he leaves - it will be awesome!

I've felt the spirit powerfully of late and it make me so grateful for the Gospel.  I'm grateful for your example and your influence of E.  Thank you for leading that kind of life.  

My prayers in regard to my family continue to be answered and I'm so grateful.  It makes me want to be a better man to be worthy of such blessings.  I know that the Lord is mindful of you and will continue to bless your life as you reach out to Him and serve Him.  

The rest of the family is doing well also.  A and El are still sweet little girls.  I hope they don't turn into teens any time soon.  D is a rockstar.  He is willing to do just about anything I want him to do - he's my running buddy and my workout buddy.  On Saturday, we went for a 20 mile bike ride together and in June we're going to do a 100k ride through the hills of Deep Creek.  It should be fantastic.

Mom is wonderful.  She works hard to keep things running smoothly at home.  It seems like she juggles a million things at once despite sometimes not feeling well herself.  She somehow manages to keep everything going.  I love her and I'm so lucky that she married me.  

Well, I hope things are well with you.  We are looking forward to chatting with you on Mother's day (this Sunday . . . ).  Let us know what time you'd like to Skype. 

Take care of yourself.
Love you!



So this is the last week of the transfer and I am still not sure what is happening. 

This week R was baptized and he bore his testimony that the voices in his head had stopped. Love that guy. 

Eldeer Costa is doing great and so am I. 

Uh oh I have to get to a meeting. Sorry I'm late! and I'm freaking out about E's call!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love ya'll 

hasta la vista! (spanish)

Elder Tagg

PS Sorry about the lame email I will do better next week.