Monday, June 30, 2014

Doing Great

Hi Momma,

So I'm doing great. The end.

Just kidding! 

So this week we got a new president and found out that all this time we have been allowed to watch the Brazil games during the world cup! What!?!?! So we got to watch the Chile vs Brazil game... It was really weird. This whole entire time my companion has been going on literally non-stop about how much he is against the cup and how much he doesn't like football. But yeah, so we find out we can watch the game and I'm all like "eu acho que seria melhor se a gente só ficasse em casa e estudasse atê o jogo termina." (I think it would be better if we just stayed home and studied until the game ends) and he was all like "não, nos DEVEMOS assitir o jogo" (no, we should watch the game). He is so funny. So we watch the game and I kinda want Chille to win so that we don't have to deal with another game causing riots and stuff. But at the same time I want Brazil to win. So really I'm kind of indifferent I guess. However, my companion was getting all worked up about the game. Sadly, I ended up getting like the second migrane on my mission and I was just not a happy camper : (

So President Broadbent got to the mission and his Portuguese is not the greatest, but he'll learn. He is a very loving man. 

Elder Tagg

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

God's Love for You

Dear Mom and Dad

Today I went to the temple and I literally have 5 minutes to type you guys a letter before I have to work.

I just want you to know that I love and appreciate everything you do for me. God loves us in a similar way, on levels that we cannot understand. Sometimes I like to just stop and feel it. You too can feel God's love for you, Just look for it. 

I love you 
Elder Tagg

Monday, June 23, 2014

No Letter

We did not receive a letter this week from Elder Tagg.  I have heard that they were allowed to watch Brazil play today if they could find a member to invite them over.  I assume all is well but he's just been watching football today.  Maybe tomorrow!


Monday, June 16, 2014

Copa do Mundo (World Cup)

Hey Mom,

So this week was awesome!  We are doing a lot of finding and teaching and things are going great. I'm seeing my personality start to come through better in my teaching and it's becoming more 'mine'.  I'm starting to own it. It's a really great feeling. (Don't take this for pride, it's just something exciting for me).

The next couple of weeks are going to be interesting because of the copa do munro (world cup). During some of the games we will move our study hours around to avoid the craziness. But don't get worried, because I live in probably the safest city in the mission. It's also like the richest ward in the mission. There is only one bairro that I need to evitar (evitar=avoid). Jardim calux (Garden Calux). its a giant favela (slum).

Even though we aren't allowed to watch any of the games, I'm trying to keep track of the scores and write them down to remember. I'm missing a lot of them though. Could you send them to me? I like Neymar.

During the cup I am going to do something that the zone leaders invited us to do. We started by fasting and finding things that we can do to consecrate ourselves to be better missionaries. Then during the forty days of the cup we will be working on these things to do better. 

The mission rule is going to change here in a little bit about backpacks. For a long time our Pres said that we could still use backpacks... but now we are switching to side bags and I have no idea how to get one. Do you think you could send me one? Just something small.. Just enough to fit my Portuguese scriptures (witch are a bit larger than English ones) and some pamphlets. something conservative. probably a low maintenance fabric that wont show sujeira facilmente. (dirt easily) LOL

Te love! (love you)

Elder tAGG

Monday, June 9, 2014

Batman 3

Dear Mom
So these past few weeks there have been a bunch of strikes in Brazil.  A bunch of the bus lines and stuff have been down. Also the power has been iffy, so its been hard to write to you guys. So to get around this I am now writing you on the Alphasmart. The only problem is that the computer isn't detecting the Alphasmart, so I'm just copying my letter that I had written.  This is actualy the first letter I'm writing you guys with this thing. Its pretty legit.

The other day we were supposed to hear from an apostle and there were going to be 2 missions present: Sao Paulo Sul and Interlagos.  Interlagos is where the other half of my district from the MTC is serving, so there was gunna be a big reunion. But there was a bus/police strike. It was so crazy it was like Batman 3 here. Sao Bernardo was fine but apparently Sao Paulo city was pretty nuts. So all the missionaries in our mission had to stay inside and we didn't get to see an apostle or our friends. Instead I just stayed inside and read Jesus the Christ.

So transfer call just came and I am staying. That makes six weeks here in Planalto. This is strange because it seems like I've only been here like 3 days.

Our investigator P just got baptized. Her sister L (a member for 12 years) gave a talk on the gift of the Holy Ghost. They were both adopted and their Mom just died. L is five months pregnant. So yeah, there were a lot of tears.

But yeah that's all for this week

Elder Tagg

Our son, Elder Heat Miser

Hey Dad

So thank you for the email, I found it very insightful. I think finding our 'blind spots' in life is really our purpose here on this earth. 

Thanks also for the mission story. I have already had similar experiences on my mission.

Elder Tagg (Return of the Jedi)

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

No Email : (

Not sure why but we didn't receive an email from Elder Tagg yesterday.  Hope he is doing okay.  To those who read this an extra prayer for him is requested.  We hope to hear from him next week!

Kelly Tagg