Monday, June 30, 2014

Doing Great

Hi Momma,

So I'm doing great. The end.

Just kidding! 

So this week we got a new president and found out that all this time we have been allowed to watch the Brazil games during the world cup! What!?!?! So we got to watch the Chile vs Brazil game... It was really weird. This whole entire time my companion has been going on literally non-stop about how much he is against the cup and how much he doesn't like football. But yeah, so we find out we can watch the game and I'm all like "eu acho que seria melhor se a gente só ficasse em casa e estudasse atê o jogo termina." (I think it would be better if we just stayed home and studied until the game ends) and he was all like "não, nos DEVEMOS assitir o jogo" (no, we should watch the game). He is so funny. So we watch the game and I kinda want Chille to win so that we don't have to deal with another game causing riots and stuff. But at the same time I want Brazil to win. So really I'm kind of indifferent I guess. However, my companion was getting all worked up about the game. Sadly, I ended up getting like the second migrane on my mission and I was just not a happy camper : (

So President Broadbent got to the mission and his Portuguese is not the greatest, but he'll learn. He is a very loving man. 

Elder Tagg

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