Monday, June 9, 2014

Batman 3

Dear Mom
So these past few weeks there have been a bunch of strikes in Brazil.  A bunch of the bus lines and stuff have been down. Also the power has been iffy, so its been hard to write to you guys. So to get around this I am now writing you on the Alphasmart. The only problem is that the computer isn't detecting the Alphasmart, so I'm just copying my letter that I had written.  This is actualy the first letter I'm writing you guys with this thing. Its pretty legit.

The other day we were supposed to hear from an apostle and there were going to be 2 missions present: Sao Paulo Sul and Interlagos.  Interlagos is where the other half of my district from the MTC is serving, so there was gunna be a big reunion. But there was a bus/police strike. It was so crazy it was like Batman 3 here. Sao Bernardo was fine but apparently Sao Paulo city was pretty nuts. So all the missionaries in our mission had to stay inside and we didn't get to see an apostle or our friends. Instead I just stayed inside and read Jesus the Christ.

So transfer call just came and I am staying. That makes six weeks here in Planalto. This is strange because it seems like I've only been here like 3 days.

Our investigator P just got baptized. Her sister L (a member for 12 years) gave a talk on the gift of the Holy Ghost. They were both adopted and their Mom just died. L is five months pregnant. So yeah, there were a lot of tears.

But yeah that's all for this week

Elder Tagg

Our son, Elder Heat Miser

Hey Dad

So thank you for the email, I found it very insightful. I think finding our 'blind spots' in life is really our purpose here on this earth. 

Thanks also for the mission story. I have already had similar experiences on my mission.

Elder Tagg (Return of the Jedi)

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