Monday, September 23, 2013

Turn Around

Hi Mom,

So this week we saw a big turn around as far as success goes. I had my first baptism.  In the photo (left to right, Me, Elder M, K her fellowship-er, H the person getting baptized,Elder M, Elder R, And Elder D.  He is the missionary who referred her to us he goes home in 13 days... (I'm the tallest person in this photo by the way). Also, I personally put another investigator of ours on date for baptism on the 13th of October. I thinks she is going to ask me to baptize her, but I don't know. Also, literally 2 hours after this photo was taken, we found another investigator. So things are good. I'm having a lot of success and I'm also really starting to bulk up. My waist size has gone down and I'm on the 2nd to last hole on my belt now...but yeah that's my life right now.

Elder Tagg

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