Monday, October 7, 2013

My Mission is a Blessing

Hi Mom,

First off, I just wanted to let you know that when I say 'I have nothing to say', its because I really don't. Please stop bothering me about that... 

So yeah, about that whole "group message" suggestion? Yeah, not gonna happen. I have already made up my mind not to ever do that because it's too impersonal. Frankly, I don't really give a darn about the blog and it really doesn't matter to me. I will write people who write me, bottom line. 

So, about that recent investigator, her name is H and she's way awesome. Elder D (who just left by the way) found her one day by knocking on her car window when she was parked at the beach. He then referred her to us and Elder M pretty much converted her. Elder M is another visa waiter going to Sao Paulo South. He's a transfer ahead of me, its all good though. Anyways that's H. We are baptizing a girl named C on Sunday and she asked me to do the baptism which is awesome! I hope they don't send me away before then.  Yes that's right, this will be my second convert and my first ordinance! I'm so excited! I'll send you a picture :) C is like 6'2" and she is literally the smartest investigator we have had so far. 

The other day I did a baptism invitation on a doorstep contact. Yeah, it was awesome. 

During general conference they said that if all members start to do missionary work (like they are supposed to), we will have millions of new members by Christmas. So go do missionary work, it will only happen if everybody finds people.

Yeah so I got a few opportunities to talk with some native spanish and portuguese speakers, and I understand them perfectly. It's pretty sweet, I almost understand the spanish better, haha. Anyways my teacher in the MTC went to Portugal on his mission and he kind of taught me how to speak with a European accent, which is harder for spanish speakers to understand. Maybe my time in the republic of Brasil will straighten me out. 

This whole transfer has been crazy. Being in a four pack is nuts! I feel like I'm married to like three other guys... its weird.   

I am super glad i decided to serve a mission :) It has been such a blessing in my life so far.

Working out every day has really payed off. Lol. But seriously I'm starting to really look like a beast. The insanity workout is super tough though. This morning I kind of hurt my back doing it.  I'm pretty sure Missionary Me could totally beat up Pre Missionary Me, like hands down. 

Oh I'm not getting transferred (one of the benefits of being with the zone leader is that I know what's happening way before it happens)  but I'm staying here in Anacortes while one of my companions, Elder M, is going to another zone. Since I've almost got my visa I'm really not sure what they will do with me... 

Things are going great :) Im really starting to get antsy for Brazil though... it's really starting to wear on me. that being said, I know that I am here in Washington for a reason and that this is where I am supposed to be.
Com Amour,
Elder Tagg

The Beast Himself


  1. Wow! I had no idea that Nathan was in Anacortes! That's such a fun city--the gateway to the San Juan Islands! It's got a funky feel to it, that's for sure.

  2. Nathan - Not that you would ever remember me but I got to know your family when we lived in Korea and I follow your Mom's blog every now and again. I thought I would pop over to your blog and take a look. The fact that you are in Anacortes made me decide to write. I grew up on San Juan Island and graduated from Friday Harbor High School. There is a small branch in FH. If you remember the Marchants from Korea Sister Marchant's Dad, President Dickson, was the stake president of Mount Vernon when I was in High School and now he is a member of the first Quorum of the Seventy. Anyway...sounds like your doing great. It seems like Brazil is a hot mission now, I know of at least four people heading there and all waiting on visas. My cousin went to Brazil on his mission about 20 years ago and loved it hoping you will too. Warm regards.

  3. Sounds like he is doing great. I love having missionaries out. It is not just a blessing for them, but a blessing for us. Some days are definitely harder than others for me, though. Glad he is doing so great and has been having success as a missionary. Before you know it, he will be flying to Brazil!