Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Hastening is Happening

Elder Tagg (Back Left)

Hi Mom! 
This week we finally got a new investigator! But he dropped us... So now I'm back to zero! Ha ha you are right about what you said about numbers not counting. The truth of the matter is that when the members don't help us we have no choice but to go looking for people on our own. Right now "THE HASTENING" is happening, and according to our church leaders, it is the biggest thing to happen in the church since the restoration. But it WILL NOT happen without members. I like how you are doing your own missionary work in Maryland.  Just remember, this Gospel is for more than just your friends. The people you invite can be anybody, and if they say no, then just offer to be their friend and that's all you can do.
Elder Tagg

Hi Dad,
Ha ha how often do you go behind Mom's back? That's so funny and I can't wait to try the Alphasmart! *The Alphasmart was Mom's idea we totally tricked Nathan into wanting one by presenting it from his Dad "without letting Mom know" worked like a charm* It sounds really cool. So I made a discovery, and that is that the mission is turning me into a redheaded version of YOU. Seriously my ADHD is receding, and I find more joy in just sitting down and reading my scriptures or studying. I'm reading Jesus the Christ now. It's really good. Also I have found that I am a lot more motivated to work out now and have been seeing major results.  I think the reason why I didn't like to work out before so much was because it didn't seem like it made a difference. 
Anyways, I love you, take care
Elder Tagg.

*Back and forth letters from his siblings*
Dear Nay,
(This is A) How are you? How is it in the field? I'm doing great. In the Harry Potter series I am on the fourth book. I'm not sure if you have read it, but it's great. The K's visited us and it was a lot of fun. We mostly played air hockey (you know Z? I beat him and he is older then me!) Today was the primary program, and I played 'Family's can be Together Forever' on the violin, but I think I messed up. Maybe you can show me how it's done when you get back.
Luv ya and miss ya!
Your sis,

I remember Harry Potter! that was MY generation's favorite childhood series. You beat Z? Nice! Put those Ks in their place haha. I've messed up in front of people before. Nbd. (no big deal).

Dear Nathan
I hope you are serving good people. I gave a talk about my family today in church. I saw this music video called "What Does the Fox Say?" and at the end a pretend fox stands up and sings "bud ump ump beway da." Mom wants to dress up like one of the fox dancers from the video for Halloween. I like her being that but Audrey says she will be embarrassed. We are eating pizza right before bedtime. We are having fun I hope you are having fun too.
Love you,

Dear E,
I love to hear from you! yeah I've heard about that video... don't eat pizza right before bed.

Dear Nathan
I hope you get your visa soon. I love you and I miss you. I just ran the last meet of the season and I got my PR which is 21:02 which is disappointing because it's only 2 seconds away from 21:00 flat. I have a question for you of great importance. Which is better? Pancakes or waffles?

Your red head brother

Dear D,
Pancakes or waffles can both be better or worse, young grasshopper.

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