Monday, September 9, 2013

Weight Update

Hi Family, 
I'm still in Washington. I don't really have much to talk about. There are just a bunch of crazies out here. Seriously, I ran into a guy who claimed to be a prophet and to know all things, and to understand all things... Except the book of revalation. He didn't like that book. 

Why are you taking a parenting class? Aren't you pretty much done with your parenting? That's weird.  Dad- why are you asking all them questions? My trainers are Elder Moncur and Elder Rencher. Elder Merrit is still a greeny, he is only a transfer ahead of me. I am keeping my Portuguese up. I have two people scheduled for baptism this month. I'm fine financially. Why do you ask?  I'm doing a workout called insanity every morning, and I'm drinking protien shakes. I'm definitely stronger than when we last met. When I got to the MTC I weighed like 180, and then I started dieting and lost five pounds. So when I left the MTC I weighed 175. I wouldn't be surprised if I weighed like 185-190 right now though. Gettin' yoked. Whatevs. Wow Drew's fast now. But I'm strong. I can't wait to whip Dad when I get back. It'll be so easy!

Elder Tagg

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