Thursday, August 21, 2014

Your Firstborn in the Wilderness

Dear Mom

So this week was rather normal. I renewed my covenants, walked a lot, ate rice and beans. Stuff like that. This area really has a lot of untapped potential.

So I think it's time I explained my area a little bit better... So my area has the shape like unto a giant hourglass - which makes it RETARDED to navigate. Many precious hours are lost walking from one side to another. On one side is this gianormagous favela called Esperança - witch is so big its actually several favelas put in one. There's plenty of hills and gangs and drugs so that's dandy. We have a lot of investigators that do not progress there. The other side of our area has a ton of buildings and suburban areas, and the capela. we are trying to get out of Esperança and into this area. It's a tough transition and our success has been slow, but once it opens up right it'll be gravy.

But that's were we are at right now. Pretty dang exciting.

Love vocês! (you guys)
Élder Tagg

Artwork by a convert.  He hasn't given it to Elder Tagg yet

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