Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Totally Crackalakin

Yo Mohm

So dis week was like totaly crackalakin!

Anyways. so yes I did read your whole email. As to question about if the Kirbys can come down with you when you come to get me, yes. The answer is yes. It will never be no. I have no clue if there is a rule against them coming. But fer real I don't think there should be a problem with them coming down if you guys are already coming. As for your question about when, that is a little more complicated. So the thing is that I am not planning on extending a whole transfer, just a few weeks... it all depends on when R gets sealed. 

So In my head this is how it's all going to happen... my last transfer happens, I will be put in a trio or hang around with the secretaries for a few weeks, then I go to the temple with President or whatever companion I'm with at the time and I meet up with R for his sealing. Then you guys meet me in the celestial room with R. then President vai me desobrigar (releases me?) and we can do some visits and stuff and then we go to the airport and then you guys take me home. 

So the soonest that this could possibly happen would be the 13th of July because that would be one year after R's baptism. So if I were you guys I would just put that as the date of travel if it ends up being another week or so that would just be you guys's time to do some touring. But we won't know until we start getting close to that time. 

But yeah I have a meeting with President tomorrow so I will be sure to talk to him about all this jazz.

Elder Tagg

PS (when I caught him online I asked him to tell me about his week, this was his response..) Oh yeah sorry Mom.

So this week has been great we worked hard (well at least I did...) and we got work done. and I got an amazing jacket from a member! It's from the world cup of 2010! And its authentic! Team brazil used them in all their entrances!

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