Saturday, December 20, 2014

These Streets are Sacred

Hey Daddy-O

I have been sharing that 'He is the Gift' video with a lot of my investigators lately. The Church has put a lot of resources into that baby. Every week I have to send a detailed report to Church Headquarters with a bunch of numbers and complicated data because of that video. Every day we have to do an additional 10 contacts using the little pass along cards about the video. It's sweet. The mission standard is 20 contacts per day.

But yeah that's sweet that you be doing your part with inviting non members to your family home evenings Dad! 

This week was OFF THE CHAIN. we had 8 investigators at church! YES! 

I'm doing great here in Baeta Neves. Having a lot of success. 

Oh yeah I needed to axe you a question. How is we gonna do this skype thing? becaz I forgot you guys's thingy. You know the username thing. I dont know how to do technology anymore otay? And my English is horrível so don't laugh at me when we talk on Christmas k?

Love you

Elder Tagg

Ay Maham!

How you doin? So I have a really crazy story to tell you and you are probably going to freak out.

Last night we got a call from Pres Broadbent. I was all like "whaaaaa???whayisbroadbentcallingmeatthishour?" and then I found out. I'm being transferred. 

So that was nice. So tommorow I'll be heading out to Piratininga to open a new area/train an American who is getting to Brazil now after waiting for more than a year for his visa. Yikes. Elder Bazante will be staying to train another American who is also arriving. I'm really gonna miss that kid. I'm gonna miss this area. This ward has been so nice to me. There is a road that cuts right down the middle of my area called "Rua Dos Vianas." It starts in the richest area of São Bernardo and ends in the poorest. I walk that road every ding dong day. that road has become sacred to me. These streets have become sacred to me. São Bernardo is sacred to me. I've been here almost a whole year in the same city. "A onde mandares irei" (I will go where you command)

Anyways we had a baptism yesterday. S guy named Antonio. I freaking love him and his family. the rest of his family was also going to be baptized. Too bad I'm gonna miss it.

By the way Evan has a cabeção. (that probably won't translate right on google it means a big head) And he is way bigger than Dad. Drew isn't far behind him.

Well that's all. 


Elder Tagg

By the way I love you.  Here is a photo of half of my mission.  There is a lot of power in that room.

Can you spot the assassin?
Don't worry, it's not loaded

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