Monday, December 8, 2014

Ear Infection/ Slow Down Mom

Hi Mom 

So sorry for not writing you last week.  There was this flyer that all missionaries had to fill out and it ate up all my time.

But anyways...

These past two weeks have been very unique and special for me. I wasn't transferred again and neither was Elder B. Looks like we are about to baptize the living daylights out of this povo! (people)

I got an ear infection starting Monday and I'm taking antibiotics. It was hurting and it was hard to sleep for a few days, but I still gave it my all and worked hard.  Now the pain has gone away so I'm good. I'm still on antibiotics. We have been teaching a lot and we were expecting another baptism yesterday, but it fell through because of a few problems so we decided to wait one more week with him. His name is Z. We are teaching the rest of his family also and his parents, but he is a lot more prepared. They'll come around. 

Yeah I opened all my Christmas packages....everything... oops.  I LOVED IT!

Other than that I'm doing great.

I got a package from the Morris family that also had stuff from Tina V. Tell them thanks for me kay? I don't have their email.

That's all for now!

Tchauzinho (bye-bye)

Elder Tagg

Hey Mom

That was a very depressing letter... 

It really breaks my heart to hear about how members treat each other some times. I have seen people go inactive because this and it is one of the saddest things that I can imagine. I know you will never let anybody turn you inactive, Mom, I'm just lamenting, you know. The Celestial kingdom will have all kinds of people. We need to learn now how to deal with them. 

My only advice would be to serve. serve serve serve serve serve serve sirva sirva sirva sirva sirva. Service is the action form of love, you know. I know that Sister X has her problems, and it's just like you said, we all do. She just has different problems than we do. I'm sure she is a nice lady who has probably been through a lot.

Anyways, Dad wrote me about all that you have been doing this Christmas season, as always:). Mom you are really wonderful. I never thanked you for all you do to make our Christmas season so wonderful. But you need to take it down a few notches. I don't want to come home to a footless Mom.  You know like, Mosiah 4:27, Mom.

My companion and I are doing great as a companionship. I have never taught so well before. The other day we were teaching this old blind guy named H who is a less active trying to come back to church. we got to his house and he was super down. Before we taught him we decided that we should sing for him. We sang "sol no coração" (Sunshine in the Heart) and then we left him a message in 2nd Nephi chapter 4. Anyways this week he came to church and bore his testimony about the church and how it made him so happy to be a member. I had never sang for somebody in a lesson before. He was really grateful.

Z is having some challenges. He learns somewhat slowly. So we had to act out the Plan of Salvation for him to get him to understand.  This next week we are going to baptize his step father, A. lets see if Z does anything after this.

Well that's all I have

Love Elder Tagg.

PS Say sorry to Dad for not writing him...

PPS Oh by the way, I am really happy for Mary! Tell her to write me an email!

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