Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Love I Left Behind

Hey Mom, 

Woah I am really sad to hear about uncle Randy, but at the same time, not so sad. It must be hard for Josh.  He left and his Dad was normal still. 

I'm glad to see Evan and his fattening face. He's a good kid.

So I got BOTH of the packages that you sent me. I must admit, some of the things that didn't have days on them I already opened... I couldn't help it please forgive me! I haven't opened anything that had a day on it. but I was worried that I might be transferred and I didn't want to lug my Christmas box around. 

Just one question though, what made you choose that box shape? I'm not criticizing, it just was a little painful to see how much you paid to send them. I'm flattered, but don't you think you might have saved muny if you sent them in a box that was a little more... I don't know, cubby? The larger the box the more you pay.  But das okay. 

I really loved it though, Mom. You outdid yourself on this one! It seems as though my boxes just keep getting bigger and bigger :). I opened the present that had all of the family photos inside and it broke my heart. I didn't get trunky (homesick),  but I was reminded of the love that I left behind for you guys. You are so great Mom.

This week was good. We have an ENOURMOUS teaching pool right now. We have so many investigators I can't even keep track of them all.  We have so many potentials that our planners can't even fit them all.  This is the first time in my mission that the biggest problem is not finding people to baptize, but choosing which people to baptize next. Yeah be ready for some pics in white here in a little bit!

Love Elder Tagg

Elder Mealy and Elder Tagg

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