Monday, May 19, 2014

A Miracle and a Half

Ay Mom

So yeah, I still got them slippers and I use them so that my feet stay clean when I walk through my apartment. 

Fank you.

Aight time for a miracle and a half. 


So so my comp is new and still isn't used to walking so much.  His foot was really hurting him and so we sat down on the curb for a few seconds for him to "make sure he didn't break it."  But yeah so we get up and start waking home because it was already like nine o clock.  On the way home I wanted to have one more conversa before going home. We stopped a lady on the road and taught her the word of wisdom, because she was smoking, and gave her a pamphlet and invited her to re focus her efforts to stop and to be baptized. She accepted and we said a prayer and everything. We were marking a visit when I realized that I didn't have my planner and so we ran back to where we had sat and it wasn't there. I was all like "some Elect will find it and he will find us and we'll baptize him."

Well actualy and ex investigator found it and he gave it to his inactive friend and she went to church to give it to me! So yeah, miracle. Take that Satan!

I love you

Love Elder Tagg

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