Friday, June 5, 2015

Young Wild and Free

Hey Mom! 
So first things first... There is a Brazilian missionary down here who is patiently waiting the email of the S daughter. Please respond.

This week was tough because our baptism fell through... which was a real bummer. But at the end of the day we found a  less active family with children who are not baptized and they want to come back into the fold and baptize their children! So that was a milage de jesuis. (miracle of Jesus). Then I remembered, there is no such thing as a "bummer" on the mission. just milagres. just milagres. (miracles)

Elder P is very new... we still have some of kinks to work out before he becomes a more effective missionary. It has become a challenge.  

Our teaching group is real week.

L Tom Perry died yesterday. He is one of my favorites.

love you all 

Elder Tagg

(I replied to his letter right away with the concern that sharing an email of a female relative of his with an unknown Elder in Brazil seemed weird.  This was his reply)

Awwww mah it doesnt have to be like that. This is the true church of Jesus Christ. He's just a missionary. In the mission people trade emails all the time. I honestly don't even know which one to ask... I guess the one with the most appropriate age. Yeah ask her Mom's premission! but also you've gotta be smooth about this yo. Just tell her that there is a missionary that would like to talk with her. If she says no it's alright. I think she might like a pen pal. Don't make it sound like there is a Brazilian stalker guy who wants her email for unrightous purposes, because it's none of that.

Love you Maham!
yo sun.
Young Wild and Free

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