Monday, July 6, 2015

Hard Work and Miracles

Dear Mom,

So yes the transfer meeting is at 10 on the 28th.  The only ones allowed are missionaries and their families. Members need special permission. 

So I am excited about this "surprise"... but I'm also a bit afflicted with worry about what this surprise is... please don't plan on making any presentation for the whole mission.. Transfers  are already a painfully drawn out process that requires missionaries to stay seated for up to four hours at a time.  You guys will not be the only family present at transfers and.... well I could go on and on but  talking about  all this just makes me feel rather sick to my stomach. Just please don't make me the center of attention, pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease don't make me the center of attention. I beg of you.

Anyways, I hope you don't get offended at my request to not make me the center of attention. But I think I would get upset.

But I'm happy. I'm  baptizing. Next week we will baptize again.

My companion and I are getting along great. Our key indicators are very strong. So much is happening that I can hardly keep it all in my head. It's really hard to write in my journal. I have so  much to do all the time. 

Elder L speaks 3 languages, Portuguese, French, and Creole. I'm learning Creole now.

Jenny wrote my friend back! I got really happy when I found that out. 

All that is really happening down here is just hard work and miracles.

Here is a story for you.  There were two missionaries that were taking a short cut through a farm when an angry bull started chasing them. One missionary turned around and ran, the other dropped to his knees in fervent faithfull prayer. One of the missionaries was trampled by the bull. Which one do you think was trampled?

I have been learning a lot more about the atonement and how it is working in my life. there is nothing more perfect than the atonement. 

Elder Tagg


Hey Maham!

So this week was good but there are some members that lied to us and didn't let us baptize their cousin. It made me mad. But what makes me more sad is that some members just do not have the vision. 

But my comp's first name is Jeorge

Drew's arm looks like they will have to break it again. I hope he can still play the violin. D-oh!

My comp is truly amazing. I'm happy to be with him. He's from an island called Fogo.

I'm happy to be on the misson

One of the things that has been passing through my mind a lot lately is how great the worth of souls truly is in the eyes of the Lord. If we had even the slightest idea of how valuable each one is, what do you think would change? If we work all our days and bring 1 person unto the Lord, our joy will be great. And if we bring many, our joy will also be great. But if we bring very many, but didn't work hard all of our days, our joy will not be the same

em nome de Jesus Cristo amem

Elder Tagg

PS yesterday I put glue all over my hands.

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