Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Stories I Can't Tell

Dear Mom,
I have a lot of stories I can't tell right now because I only have ten minutes.  We had a temple trip today and P-day is almost over. So I will write more next week.
Elder Tagg
Elder Tagg at the Sao Paulo temple!

Sister Green and Elder Tagg (from his MTC district)

(A day later I received this letter from Elder Tagg...)

Hi Mom,

So yesterday I went to the temple and that's why I couldn´t email much. But the zone leaders gave us time to do it today.

Anyways, my trainers name here is Elder Sousa and he is Brazillian and he speaks 0 English. He has been a missionary for only two weeks longer than I have so this is going to be interesting... We are finding our situation really challenging.  Our work ethics do not really match up.  I have already had to chap my tiny Brazillian companion´s hide a few times...(joking). Here they call apostate missionaries ``fubecas`` not sure how to spell that. but it translates literaly to ´´pile´´. So yeah, Brazillians are funny.

I really kind of miss the United States though. Because here I feel like I am not using my brain as much... it's just too easy to get investigators and the issue is finding out who really is ready to make covenants with the Lord. So far I haven´t found anybody that I think is ready for baptism. It kind of stinks. Maybe when I master the language better it will be easier. 

My portuguese is pretty good. Whenever people find out how long I've been here they are always suprised at how well I am able to communicate. There are missionaries who have been here for three months who don´t speak Portuguese as well as I did when I first came out. So I have really been blessed in that regard. 

Take care,

Love Elder Tagg
Elder Gasser holding an I heart Elder Tagg sign.  He was Nathan's trainer in his last area in Washington

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