Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hay Mahm

Hey Mahm!

So this week was dank. We had tons of sucsess and tons of peeps at church. We are going to baptize in two weeks for sure.

K Daug and I are rocking the world down here.

A few days ago we talked to this lady at her doorstep and we marked a day to come back and hit her with GOSPEL FIRE. So we came back on the designated day and she wasn't home. This is very common. But then as we were about to walk away, a different lady left the home and so we decided to talk to her. She was way cool and immediately invited us over. Her name was V and she lived close by. We went over to her house on Wednesday and we also found her 19 year old son named L. We taught a watered down restoration but her son didn't really pay a lot of attention. V kept saying that we should pray for him because he really needed it. He kept saying the same thing about her. So I guess there was some tension. But anyways V loved our message and was really excited to learn more. Anyways the next day we were walking down the road and it was late There were a bunch of police cars and men with big ol' guns blocking our way so we couldn't get to our appointment. I asked one why, and he just said that there was an occurrence. Whateves. A few peeps told us that "3 kids had been shot by the police on the street." We were walking away and I turned to K dawg and said "what if it was L?" He was all like "naw". But the next day we went back and sure enough, L was gone. We taught V a watered down plan of salvation and invited her to church. She literally went to her son's burial Sunday morning and church that afternoon. She is the most elect person I have ever met in my entire life. She is finding comfort in her time of need because of the gospel of Jesus Christ. So just remember, there are NEVER excuses not to go to church. So she is working towards getting married so she can be baptized.

Fingers crossed!

Love y'all.  Gotta go! Tell dad that I will write him for sure next week!

Elder Tagg

Elder Tagg and K-Daug

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