Tuesday, January 27, 2015



So Elder Kennedy and I are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO close to BAPTISMS it's not even funny! Holy cow I love my comp. He's the man!

So this week was spectacular! This mission is changing it's vision right now and we are going to baptize out of our minds! I plan on doubling my baptisms in my last 6 months. Earlier on in my mission I was all like "baptism ain't success" but that has changed. To have success on my mission, I NEED TO BATIZAR.

We have been working a ton with the members lately and been taking them out with us for several hours of work. It's been great. By the way you should totally look for opportunidades to teach with the missionaries. They sound like they are good missionaries and they really neeed you to testify with them. I invite you to mark with them to teach.

By the way about the felt tomato, loose the mouth.

Keep running over mailboxes. It will be good.

Woa I'm turning 21 now lol.

My comp just turned 21. lol.

love you
Elder Tagg

Hey Dad 
I am way haps that Uncle Eric is doing better. I also pray every single day for E. That kid will not turn into a man if he doesn't go on a mission. Fer real. 

I am really glad that N is going on a mission as well. There is not a single person that should not go on a mission. This just makes me really happy. He could be a good influence on his friends. It just doesn't make sense why anyone would like not want to serve a mission. It just makes no sense. not at all.

So my debit card expired the 31st of Dezembro. I need you to send my a new wan like ASAP. It's pretty urgent that I get access to that money because I desperately need to buy a pair of shoes!

But I loves you,
Elder Tagg

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