Friday, August 16, 2013

Week Four

If anyone can start a short tie trend it will be Elder Tagg

Hey Mom, 

Sorry I didn't have time to write you a letter earlier, I had to go to the temple, which was awesome! Did you know they got a new video? Its pretty sweet! Also, while I was at the temple the Elders in my district and I got a bunch of interesting Native American names.  When I was at the temple I saw Nie Nie from the plane crash!  She was in my session, but she was in a hurry or something because she bolted the minute the session was over and I didn't get to say hi to her. Anyways, I appreciate you letters.

While I have been gone I have mastered the following arts:
1) Hacky sack
2) Levitation
3) Faith in God

Ha ha so maybe I lied about the levitation one :) 

About my investigators...C is progressing slowly, but we haven't had any progress with J because our teacher has been on vacation... 

I love the MTC! o em Portuguése, e CTM ;). Although I am totally sketched by the food in here... OK, you know what the scariest thing in the world is? TRANS-FAT! I can't stand it! Its like immortal!

Anyways... I'm making some good progress, but the other day I took a Christ like attributes test and I got a 2 in diligence!!! Hahaha! But you probably could have guessed that one :P 

So sad story: I may be reassigned to somewhere in the USA if my visa doesn't get here in time :( 

But happy story, I got word that things may be progressing with my visa! They needed an updated criminal background check, so that's something right?

Well that's all for now :) 

Love you,

Elder Tagg


  1. It looks like you ended up getting an email. I love hearing from our missionaries. And it looks like he might be getting his visa. They say that a new background check is required within 60 days of getting their visa, so that is good news. Love the pics!

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