Friday, August 2, 2013

Week 3

So I finaly got another P-day. Things are going well. Portuguese is going well. Earlier today me and Elder M played hymns on the violin/piano and it was way cool.  

Also the other day my district and a few others played ping pong using a little office table and our name tags as paddles, and I beat every single one like five times. I'm by far the reigning champion of ping pong right now. Also I've been picking up hacky sacking. My record is 18 hits, witch is pretty good. 2 people from my district got visas! They leave this Tuesday.

I'm going to drop the inseam on those polo pants so they look like Aladdin pants. I've beeN dabbling in the tie trading business. I got an awesome one the other day.

D is still fat,

Elder Tagg

Hacky Sacking is a good way to bond with Brazilian kids

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