Friday, August 9, 2013

Shoop De Woop

Shoop de woop! Another letter!

So its P-day again and that means that I have to tell you guys that I'm alright and everything's OK. so here I go! I'm alright and everythings ok!!

I've started getting into hacky sack down here and I'm a beast at it. my record is 32 hits in a row. Me and Elder Blake like to play it together. I'm teaching a couple of investigators, one is named J and one is named C and they like to party. Anyways, yes, I do read your letters all the way through, but don't think that that gives you the green light to go ahead and write long letters. I'm a busy guy. I wanted to send you some pictures but I couldn't find my camera... But since you are in contact with all the other Moms in our mission, you could probably figure out how to go to Elder Blake's mission blog. He has a lot of pictures of me online.

Anyways, I thought I would let you know that your Portuguese sentence translated literaly to "I love thou much!" A better way to say I love you would probably be to replace the "te" with "voce". They only use the tu form of things when they are talking to dieties or kings. Sorry, I thought I would just let you know.
But thats all I've got for you this week! Drew is a nugget. 

Elder Tagg

Elder Blake and I

District Temple Day

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