Monday, April 6, 2015

Asking Forgiveness

O Mama

I want to ask your forgiveness about my lame email. I am sorry that I didn't write a lot... I wont be making any excuses. but I need you to be patient with me. I am so happy for all the great emails that you send me each week and I truly do appreciate them.  I do not have time sometimes. There are many complications. Just don't be disappointed with me, I'm not perfect, and I'm sorry. 

Well my week was good. We had some good success. Last transfer my district baptized more than any other district in the mission. President Broadbent seems to be very happy with me in his letters.

Conference was AMAZING. President Monson said almost nothing this time. Usually he speaks at every session. My favorite talk was BY FAR Holland. He is a poet. Like summer lightning. 

SO good.

About important things. I have no clue what I will do at BYU-I. I think it best to let Dad choose my classes.. You guys can choose this first semester. Can I leave this responsibility in your hands? I trust you guys. As far as housing, I wanted to room with Elder Morales. He's from my district. But I think that we will have to figure that one out later.

Love you bye!

Elder Tagg

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