Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Happy In General

Dear Family
This week I have been a mixture of happy and sad. Sad because I found out that my friend R smoked weed again. It really stinks.  My son (companion) and I are going to see if we can't visit him and give a few tugs on his ear.

Happy because my investigator was confirmed for baptism and we have 3 more baptisms this next week. Two of which will also receive the preisthood.

Sad because the Bishop´s trying to block one of the baptisms. 

Happy because the ward is going to rent a mini bus for our investigators to go to general conference. 

Sad because I have diarrhea (I forgot how to spell that in inglish). (See what I did there?) (I haven't pooped my pants yet!)

Happy because my Bro Evan is going on the mish!

Sad because I found out my mish will be over the 28th of July. Sad.

Sad because I was looking at all my planners (I still have them all!) 

Sad because I only have 3 more planners afta this one.

Sad because I have no clue what I will do without a planner.

Happy because Jesus loves me.

Happy because my family loves me.

Happy because for whatever reason I'm at peace that R will come around for sure. Even if it takes a while.

Happy in general. Helaman 5 12

Tchau tchau! *bye bye!

Elder tagg

Até proxima semana! *until next week!

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