Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Companion!

Hi Mom,
This week has been great!  I got a new companion named Elder Witham.  He is way cool.  We are working way hard now and we are seeing miracles happen every day.  Elder Witham is from Provo and he has 17 brothers and sisters.  (He's one of 18).  Nine are adopted.  He doesn't know your family or any of that jazz, but his family owns a Mexican restaurant called Los Hermanos.  Maybe you've been there before?  Whatever.  He is very organized and he has an irrational fear of cotton.  He's awesome.
Love Elder Tagg

This photo is not Elder Witham but another old friend of Nathan's from the MTC named Elder Blake.  
I swiped this photo (and heard about the reunion) on Elder B's blog.

Elder Blake and Elder Tagg.  I heard there was tackling at this reunion!  

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