Monday, January 27, 2014

United in the Work

I'm doing great down here! Yeah sorry I will try to write more. Elder Witham and I are really starting to hone our teaching skills. Missionary work is so enjoyable when both companions are united in the work.

Last P-day when I was getting ready for bed, I thought I saw something black scurry across the floor under our suitcases.  Then the next day when we got home we heard chewing sounds coming from Vila Paulina's room. (thats the other area in our apartment). Then when the Vila Paulina Elders got home we found out that there was a rat in their dresser so we start doing erythang we could to get the sucker to come out so we could kill it! Then Elder Tavares goes and gets his deodorant spray and a lighter and starts spraying flames into the freaking dresser! Then he stops and we were all just standing there when the freaking rat comes running out of the dresser trying to make a break for it,  Man that sucker was FAST! We all start flippin' out. I realized that I was the only one wearing shoes... so I stepped on it.... yeah it was really gross.


the victim!
4 posing Elders

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