Monday, February 3, 2014

Falling Asleep in EQ

Hi Mom,
To answer your questions; 
I love the food, my favorite is açai, and my least favorite is I don't know.
Yes I am staying in shape. I walk like 30 Kilometers a day up a mountain.
No, I don't still have those stupid pants.  They are in Washington right now... somewhere...
We have a lot of Investigators. M and L, G and N, R, B, F, K, R, T, Se, & Sa.  We also do a lot of less active work. 

Ma.. and Lu.. are a couple who are living together unmarried. They are the hardest people to work with ever. We baptized their daughter D, and they keep saying that they want to be baptized as well.  But they keep coming up with excuses to not get married and to keep drinking coffee.

Gu.. and Ni.. are another unmarried couple. They are getting married on the 20th, baptized on the 21st, and confirmed on the 22nd. They have no problems they already stopped drinking coffee and alcohol and come to church every week.   

Be.. Is an elect person.  There is the fact that she can't stop smoking, and needs to get divorced from her ex-husband and then re-married to the person she is living with. Lots of trouble. But she is on date for Easters. We just helped her cut her down to 20 cigs a day, so we'll see how that goes. We also finally got to talk to her "husband" and we got him on board to help her with her goals. He's going to stop smoking with her. 

Ro... is a nice lady. But she needs to get divorced and then re marry as well. Her husband is not the nicest person. She is thinking about just leaving him. She really just needs to know that this is the path that she must take. She has a crazy chihuahua! 

Yeah, that's all I'll tell you about today.

This week has been awesome. We saw a bunch of drug deals go down. And guns. And street fights. Carnival is about to start so people are already a little crazy.

Yesterday during Elders quorum meeting the Catholic Church down the road decided set off like 5,000 fireworks and it seriously went on for more than 10 minutes. We couldn't hear each other. It's okay as I have a problem with falling asleep in Elders quorum. 

We teach this inactive family of Chileans. they speak Portuguese mixed with Spanish. 'Tis not hard to understand. Seriously, learning Portuguese was way harder than learning Spanish. People who speak Spanish are so easy to understand. Brazilians have the most difficult accents ever. They don't even hardly understand each other.

Elder Tagg

PS I have no photos

*Below is an exchange between my husband and Nathan.  They have a new deal... a mission story for a mission story*

Dear Elder Tagg,

Hello my great son!  I hope this email finds you happy and healthy in the service of The Lord.  
Your last letter reminded me of my very first day in the mission field.  My trainer had only 2 months left on his mission when we were put together.  We were assigned to Pasadena, TX and were both brand new to the area. 
We were dropped off at the apartment and found it to be a bit of a dive.  As we were checking things out, we looked in the pantry and found a giant rat sitting atop the canned goods.  This thing was HUGE! As soon as it saw us, it jumped down and scampered across the floor and into a hole in the corner of the room.  We were both totally freaked out.  It was the size of an alley cat!  My companion decided that he was going to kill it and so started carrying his Crocodile-Dundee sized knife around with him everywhere.  We set out traps and called the landlord but we never caught it.  I think we saw it 2 or 3 more times total.  I guess it just decided to leave us alone.

l hate rats.  Disease-ridden varmints!

Alright Daddy-O. I will tell you a mission story.

One time in Everett me and Elder R(my trainer) were walking down the street and there was this homeless guy messing around with some socks in a rock garden thing. (By the way we were not allowed to baptize homeless people anymore since some missionaries abused that privilege. Probably about 30 percent of the homeless people in our mission are inactive members). So we stopped to talk to him. We asked him what he was doing and he was just all like (with his sad homeless voice) "Well, would you believe, that SOME of these rocks have letters on them!!! and I think if I can find all the letters, and if I can decode the message, it can help me find my wife and KIDS!!!!!" Then he started talking about aliens.  Poor guy.

Love you Dad 

Elder Tagg

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  1. I think I liked the rat story better than the sad homeless man story! But really, it sounds like Elder Tagg is doing great and staying busy in Brazil! (And hopefully staying far away from the drug dealer/Carnival goers!)