Monday, February 24, 2014

Lean in Handshake, aka:Sobriety Test

Hi Mom,
So yeah, Dad was not really impressed with those silly photos, and I can't really say I blame him... Sometimes me and Elder X can be a little immature when we are together... and that was the first time we had seen each other in a while.  So yeah. But it's ok, we are working on our weaknesses.

So good news, I've got a person on date for baptism this week and another for the next. We also have a lot of other good investigators as well who will start progressing too.

But really, I just need to tell you one cool story.  So last night Elder T (btw he is 2 meters tall and he is legit.  He plays college bball) and I went to a ward activity where we had investigators who came! On the way home we were passing along our numbers to the zone leaders.  Then suddenly a guy stopped us on the road and told us that he saw "light" in us and that he wanted to change his ways and join our church. This guy was saying everything that missionaries love to hear.  It was so crazy that Elder T and I thought he was joking! So we taught him real fast.  Then we prayed with him, and when I shook his hand before parting I leaned in to see if he smelled like alcohol and he was totaly sober.  The spirit was telling me that this guy was for real. When we were walking away, I turned to Elder T and told him that he should probably call the zone leaders back and tell them that our numbers just changed.

I went to the park with Elder B today.  Thats why im emailing so late. but it was tons of fun. I love Elder B to death. 
A more impressive silly photo


Love Elder Tagg

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