Monday, February 10, 2014

Transfer of Miracles!

Hi Mom,


So guess who's going district leader?!?!  That's right Elder Wi! ...aaaand I'm leaving to go who knows where. I'm staying a jr companion.

But anyways this has been one of the most insane transfers ever.  The Diadema Zone is splitting and half of the pairs of Elders are not changing.  In addition to being a DL Elder Wi is going to be companions with a zone leader! Most zone leaders are companions with other zone leaders.  It's crazy weird! Elder T is also leaving and another  zone leader will be taking his place. So really just super weird stuff is going on. Oh, and our zone leader elder Wo is going AP!  It's way sweet. Honestly though, I wouldn't mind staying jr companion for my whole mission. I think I'll train next transfer though. Oh, and Elder J. So is in Serraria and he is going to have 2 jr companions! That will be interesting.

This week we had some of the most insane miracles. We had so many lessons fall through, so we were at a loss for a long time. Then one day we had a lesson fall through and we were all like, "who was that one girl we talked to like three weeks ago?" So we both start looking through our planners and we can't find this lady in either of our planners and then all of a sudden we hear a "Oi Élderes!" and we look up and its HER! But yeah so that kind of thing happened like three times that day we were freeeeaaaking out.

So I have no clue where I'm going... but I will go. I honestly have no idea what I'm doing.... but I will do. I feel like Nephi right now. This next transfer we were going to have so many baptisms start flowing in, but it looks like I'll be missing out on that... I don't know who my next companion is, but I hope he likes to work hard! Because if not, he's about to get smashed! 

I've really learned a lot this last transfer. I learned that success is not measured by numbers, I learned that true missionary work is more than just obedience and hard work, its so much more than that. 

This next transfer will be a transfer of miracles! 

Love Elder Tagg

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