Tuesday, April 22, 2014

On a Scale of 1 to Amazing


So I'm doing great!  I just got your package and I ate it all already. Thanks mahn!

My investigators are doing good. I have a baptism set for this week and I hope everything goes well. Her name is Luzmary. or Lu, for short. It's hard to teach her though, because she works and studies, and she can only come to church every other week. She is really the only investigator who is worth mentioning right now. Oh, and don't worry about my shoes, they've still got a few more transfers in them. I'll just use them up and then start on my second pair. I won't even get to my third pair I don't think.

On a scale of one to amazing, I'm doing very amazing.

So mission story time. The other day Elder T and I were walking down the street, and we turned around the corner and there was a mob of about a thousand Catholics walking down the street singing songs about mother Mary. They were being led by a truck and among the crowd there was a bunch of people carrying what looked like an open coffin with Jesus in it.

Your turn [for a mission story in return] Dad.

Here in Brasil there is this thing called BR. It's pronounced beh-ehhe. It means Brasileiro, (or Brazilian in english). They just use it to describe anything just super ghetto. 

For example: A random guy is driving down the street blasting super crude music in his beetle (Brazilians love beetle cars). They would say, "é beh-erre." (that's Brazilian). 

Just a thing I thought youd like.

Love Elder Tagg

PS I don't know if you are going to send another caixa (box) soon but I really needs some pants. 

To Eliza:
Yo I'm sorry dawg for writing you a cruddy letter. I guess i just don't have much to say. Ask me more questions and I'll have more to talk about! don't forget to pray and read your scriptures on the daily!

Elder Tagg

PS Did you know that our names start with the same letter?

To Audrey:
Hey whadup Audrey?!

Thanks for writing me! I remember when I went to the sacred grove. I have actually been there a few times. It's sweet. Are you playing any sports? Remember, the grind is real. its REAL. 

Elder Tagg

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