Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Holy Shoes


Why did you call me trix? (I said "how's trix?"  Not the same thing)  You seem very determined to come up with a nickname for me... It won't work. remember Grandpa Cruisers story?

I liked that poem. There is a stinky guy leaning over the computer next to me.

I am super excited to see Elder M here in a few days. I hope he comes to my zone. He was a transfer ahead of me when I served in the Washington Everett mission,  and he was actually my trainer for a while. Elder Merr Merr we would call him. He's so awesome!

So I have big ol holes in my shoes. Sometimes one of my toes gets stuck in one of the holes and I have to stop and fix it or my toe will be repeatedly stubbed  (if you look you can see one of my golden tipped sockies pokin' through)

Yikes!  Glad we sent him with 3 pairs of shoes!

This was my getup right before the Sunday sessions. I decided to 'High Priest' it (ask Dad what that means). You guys have probably already noticed, and YES I have gotten a lot fatter. But I'm losing weight again by working out and not eating. I came to a bit of a realization when I found myself at 85 kilos. I promised that I would never be that fat ever again in my life. That was about 3 weeks ago. Now I'm down to 80. So it's going well. But basically that's an update on my body. When I was in Washington I was in a companionship that was totally into working out and drinking protein shakes, and I was loosing a lot of fat and getting a lot stronger. Then when I came to Brazil I was in a totally different situation. Every day we walk up to over 30 kilometers, so by the end of the day you get SUPER tired. so it is super hard to work out in the morning. Also, the freaking Irmas (sisters) here are INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!! We only eat almoços (lunches... why he breaks into portuguese randomly here and there I have no idea) here, but we eat more in one hour than I would eat all day in the United States (and I ate a lot). But anyways these two things combined with the fact that my metabolism is getting lower, it just started happening. I call it Satan's trifecta. 

Gotta go
Love Elder Tagg

Yes it truly was a special general conference was it not?

My faves were Uchdorf, Bednar, and Adukaitis.  They are so awesome. (especially Adukaitis) actually Elder Bednar and Elder Adukaitis both visited the Washington Everett mission not too long ago. "One should not walk through garbage".  Love Adukiaitis.

 I don't know if you caught it but John Sears Tanner (my mission president) was just called as the first counselor to the Sunday school presidency. We are getting a new president halfway through next transfer.
Love you Dad 

Elder Tagg

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