Monday, April 28, 2014

Wuddup Mom?!

So wuddup Mom?! 

So yeah I'm still here in Brazil and things. But yeah would watch dem videos of the kids violin performances, but we really ain't allowed to. (Makes you too trunky). I actually haven't watched any of the videos you have sent.... Sorry, I should have told you earlier. 

But transfers! I'm staying and Elder T is leaving! This will be the longest I have stayed in an area until now.

Our baptism fell through for Sunday. Oh well my friends. 

But anyways, who do you want to win the world cup!?!? Brazil is going bonkers right now. I'm definitely rooting for Brasil. (If they lost things would go to pot down here.)

Oh and the pants I like that you sent in Washington are Calvin Kleins.  I cannot buy pants here. That is not an option.


Elder Tagg

Hey Dad. 

So transfers are a week early this week (and the next will be 7 weeks) and I'm staying and I will be District Leader Trainer. Yeah maybe don't tell Mom. Unless you want. I just don't think she needs to know. [Ouch! by Mom]

That is a really sad story, Dad [a story about disobedient AP missionaries that had been shared in the last letter]. Was this before your mission split? Did you guys have three APs? I've heard of missions like that. Ours has just 2. But you're totally right about that... There are a lot of people who abuse their titles. To be completely honest with you, I kind of wanted to just stay junior my whole mission. i just hit 5 months in Brazil, so I'm kind of a really young DL... I'm kind of worried.  

So story time. Saturday I was on division with Elder P (a Brazillian) and it was like 7 and I got a call and it was Prez Tamner and he goes, "hey I'm here on your doorstep! let me in!" Elder P was in the bathroom.

Luckily, i was already dressed and our apartment was cleannnnnn---er than usual. But he just wanted to interview me and then he left. It was a real suprise.

Another story time- i just looked down and I forgot my tag. I'M NAKED!

Elder TAGG

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