Monday, March 31, 2014

So Yeah/ Letter to Dad

Dear Mom,
So yeah the whole Dr pepper thang you referred to in your letter was really retarded. I just took the blame for drinking that to save the freaking family trip from your wrath.

But anyways,

I am still with Elder T 

Elder Blake is still gone!!!!!!!!!

My brother in the mission (Elder M)* is in the Sao Paulo MTC re learning Portuguese!

I lost 2 kilograms this week! Woot!

So yesterday we went on some splits with the members and visited natives (in actives). I went with our LMA (ward mission leader) and it was raining way hard so it was difficult, but we did find one guy named C. Dos Santos. He was baptized after his little brother but then his brother died and he stopped coming. He was super sad. Here in Brazil whenever a guy has the last name Dos Santos or Do Espirito Santo or De Jesus, It means that they didn't know who their father was. Just FYI. 

We just got the ward on board for a super crazy referrals experiment that Guilherme (our LMA) and I came up with. If all goes well we will get almost 600 referrals in the next 3 weeks, and if that happens Planalto will be split in half like immediately. But one way or another if all goes right we are going to get a TON of new investigators, which means a TON of baptisms, which means a TON of eternal families. So if you want families to be eternal I suggest you all do some praying kay???

I love it when all my evil plans work.

Elder Tagg 

*Elder M was with him in the MTC and also in his first area where he waited for his visa.

Hey Daddy-O

This is your son here - I hope you are doing well.

I'm doing awesome here in Brazil. 

Ok mission story-

The other night Elder T and I were walking home with a recent convert and we were in Parque Dos Pastros (thats the rich area. There are really high walls and electrical fences). But anyways we walked around the corner and we saw a freaking cachorro (dog) and when it saw us it got spooked and started jumping/climbing/worming its way over this 8 foot wall! 

Thas' all bye

Elder Tagg

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