Monday, March 17, 2014



Hi. So do you really think that I would just forget to write you (insert question mark here this keyboard sucks) Fica calma, mulher nao te deixarei. (translation: stay calm, [I] do not leave you woman... this may not be entirely correct, I'm relying on google translate)

So the lan house lost power and P-day is over now so we just got permission to finish emailing.

But super fast, here are the photos that didn't go through. I hope that you get them this time... actually never mind this other lan house sucks big time.

But my week has been great I'm going to baptize another person this next Sunday if all goes well, which it will because I'm Elder Tagg and I DON'T MISS

(Please don't scold me for my moment of pride).

Yesterday I ate pe de boi, which is really just the Achilles tendon of an ox. It is comida super forte (translation: super strong food). It has a ton of nutrients but it's hard to digest. (Or so the Brazilians say).

Today Elder Bl and Elder T and Elder Be and I all went to 25 de março and I bought a Corinthians jersey. (That's my football (soccer) team here in Brasil). It was totally fake but whater. Also I saw a huge diesel watch (also fake but still high quality.) Imma buyu one one day.

But I don't have anymore time to talk about my investigators or anything, so tchao! the amo (bye! Love you)

Elder Tagg

P.S. Tell Dad that I'm sorry for not writing him a letter again this week. Tell him he can handle it better than Mom :P

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