Monday, March 10, 2014

The Best Missionary I Can Be

Dear Mom,

So this week has been great but lately I have been getting down on myself for a lot of things. My new companion Elder T and I have been struggling with a few things lately... I just feel like I may be getting a little too used to being a missionary. It's hard, I don't want to loose my 'greeny' fire. We haven't been breaking any rules. Missionary work is just tough. Sometimes it can be easy to cut corners. But as I thought about it, I came to a decision that I will never let myself be an average missionary. My zone leader Elder D is going home in two weeks and he bore his testimony in zone meeting about obedience. (Brazilian missions struggle with exactness in obedience).  He said that his Dad told him before his mission that you will not know how to be a missionary until you are on the airplane coming home. That really hit me hard. one day soon I will be on that plane, looking back on what I have just done.  What will I regret?  It will be then that I will truly know. I need to do better. I am a missionary for Jesus Christ's church, dangit!  My authority is above that of the kings of the earth. I have a testimony of this Gospel! I have a responsibility to do the very best I can possibly do and to improve theron. There is a talk called 'the Fourth Missionary', it talks about the different kinds of missionaries. I'm not going to stop improving, mamãe. eu vou ser o melhor missionario eu posso ser. (translation: Mom, I'll be the best missionary I can be).

So I'll end this email on a good note. The other day I was teaching a lession and there is this funny old member present who is inactive because she has to stay home and take care of her Mom who is bedridden. After the lesson she just up and started to shine my shoes!  It was so random. I hadn't shined my shoes in a while and it has been raining a ton this past week so my shoes WERE a little sad looking. But not anymore! Haha Brazillians are so funny.

Love Elder Tagg
Elder Tagg (drawn by a ward member)

nice socks Elder!

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