Tuesday, July 15, 2014

R Gets Baptized!

Dear Mom

So I re-sent you those pictures. I hopes you get them.

Yeah I hit a year this week :(

This week was great. R was baptized. It was amazing and there were tears EVERYWHERE, even from R. Which was odd because he's a big tough guy covered in tattoos. It made me realize that nobody is immune to the spirit of the Lord.

We worked our butts off this week. If I had to have a butt replacement for every time I had worked my butt off on my mission I wouldn't have time to work in the first place. I would probably just go buttless... yeah sorry for that one - I probably need to work on my virtue. I have changed on the mission I promise.

Brazil got their pants handed to them by Germany. And then Holland. And then Germany won the world cup and became four time champ. One more and they'll be tied with Brazil.

Actually I was with Elder P on a division when Germany played Brazil. At 40 minutes during the first tempo (half?) it was 5 to 0 and we were all like, "uhh, I think we should probably head home before the riots start." So we left the favela (slum) we were in before halftime and started running for home. It was empty on the streets. not even one person was not watching the game. we got home and then we got the call to pass on to all missionaries that they were to get home immediately and not leave to work for the rest of the night. But it wasn't even that bad. Brazilians like to complain a lot about stuff and sometimes they will get angry enough to start breaking things, but they also forget really fast. Within 24 hours, it was all back to normal again. there are a lot of 7-1 jokes going around now. people are calling it the "eterna 7-1" because this is going to be eternal. I was at the store the other day and I asked for six breads and the lady was all like, "você tem certeza que não quer levar sete?" ("are you sure you do not want to take seven?") and then we laughed. Because it was funny.

But your son is doing just fine, Momma. I have been thinking about that also. About you guys coming down here when my mission is over. I am also thinking about extending my mission, but not for a whole transfer. Because that way I will be able to catch the sealing of R and T at the very end of my mission. and I kind-of already promised him that I would. So it's already settled. Maybe if we time it right you guys could meet me at the São Paulo temple. And maybe you could meet R. I will talk to my President tomorrow about it, because we have interviews with him tomorrow. vai ser dahora. (will be dahora?)

And by the way thank you for the pants I got. I only got THE BLUE ONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (if you didn't get that you aren't my mother) the other packeges eu ainda não recebi. (I have not received)

And yes, I want Dad's ties. I will never ever ever evereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverever trade them. 

Elder Tagg

Poor Poor Elder T


Elder F, R, and Elder Tagg

Elder T and R

Baptism Day for R

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  1. How great for R! What a wonderful day for all involved! Nathan sounds so happy!